Playlist Your Heart(bleed) Out

“Gee whiz, Maniac” you often find yourself saying aloud in completely inappropriate scenarios, “I sure do wish there were places where I could go and listen to all of this awesome music that you and all of the other cool kids are always talking about.”

I’m flattered! And also pre-emptively tried to be helpful going back to when I started this project by building the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist, an ever-updating selection of the finest in the heavy, the intense, the weird and the violent in the world of idol.

But that’s not all!

If you’re a Spotify user, you may have noticed that tracking down Japanese anything can be a major pain in the butt. Fortunately, Kerrie had a fit of additional inspiration and created a Homicidols playlist on that platform, too, going way in depth on a surprisingly large number of artists; the work that went into this is impressive in and of itself. (Kerrie recommends setting the list to shuffle unless four consecutive hours of Babymetal was what you were looking for.) ((Also, do note Kerrie’s vote as to whether we should be doing more anything with BAND-MAID.))

But that’s n– Actually, for now, that’s it. Between these two lists on two different services, you’ll be able to dig pretty deeply into this deliciously bizarre world and probably find a thing or two you’d never heard before; if you keep a list of your own, go ahead and share it in the comments.

Here’s the Ultimate Homicidols Playlist on YouTube, to save you another click

This is only two services, though, and both lists are at the cruel mercies of their administrators. It might be worth our while to put together something similar on Soundcloud at the very least.

Happy binging!

4 thoughts on “Playlist Your Heart(bleed) Out

  1. I’ve actually made a similar playlist on Spotify a while ago. The one that Kerrie made has some more stuff I didn’t know that was on there though.

    I do have a playlist on sound cloud that’s titled Japanese and while it has some Homicidol kind of songs, there is also other songs on there that aren’t quite that but you can at least use it to build off and make another one.

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