Let’s Vote! Who’s Got the Nastiest Idol Nightmare?

All righty, gang, let’s keep it short and sweet: We got some really cool and fun entries in the #IdolNightmare contest, the winner of which is set to have delivered NECRONOMIDOL’s NEMESIS on vinyl. There’s more here than my polling doodad will let me add because I’m cheap and won’t pay for premium, so voting happens in the comments; just write the number or description of what you think takes it (I’ll also accept vote-via-Twitter, I guess).

I randomized these a bit:















I personally have two! personal favorites here, but I’m neither voting (except in case of a tie, because Bobby Brown’s big hit) nor going to try to sway you, so make your own decision based on what you think best sums it up. And, honestly, if you go and tell all your friends to vote for you, I am powerless to intervene!

13 thoughts on “Let’s Vote! Who’s Got the Nastiest Idol Nightmare?

  1. This was a tough call, a few of them are genuinely disturbing… especially if you think about the source material they had to use for photoshop 😐
    #11 really got me, even though it’s one of the comparatively tame ones, but in the end I have to give my vote to #6! Unexpected and cool, I hope we see more fan art of all kinds!
    Shoot, I just had a good idea… I’ll have to save it for next year 😛

  2. Thanks for not adding my entry, dude!
    A curse on you! A pox on you! (`皿´#)

    But, if i’m supposed to vote on these entries, then my vote goes to #11, ’cause it’s so damn gruesome!!! \(〇_o)/

  3. (puts on art- preference hat)
    Number 14 for the morbid creepy, even though Number 11 will haunt me forever, and ever, and ever.

    Number 6 was great, GJ everyone.

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