It’s Time for Two More GANG PARADE Songs

You know, you guys, I think they’re starting to get the hang of this whole do-whatever thing. Two new tracks on top of the previous two and the two preceding these.

But will you like them?

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For Halloween, Create Your Own Idol Nightmare

Hey gang! This is usually the Kerrie spot in the week, but she’s in the midst of working up her … I think it’s a gift? gift for you all in honor of Halloween (you can still submit to her), so I’m stepping in to deliver on the promise I made earlier in the week.

Yep! We celebrated idol dreams earlier in the week (see below); now it’s time to recoil in terror at your idol nightmares. And the best part is, this is an actual contest. The prize? NECRONOMIDOL’s NEMESIS on vinyl.

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My Girl Hiiragi Fuyu Is Back and Already Throwing Shade

I am completely captivated by Heart ni Pochicon. I have made this clear, and I have been clear as to why — I sometimes wish that I could hang out with idols, but these two human disasters are basically the idols that I would hang out with, given a life-long track record of being attracted to people who are terrible for me and keep me deeply ingrained in self-destructive behavior.

They’re wonderful.

And so I was sad when Fuyu, one half of the dynamic duo, was temporarily put on ice while she went into the hospital to deal with some health issues (I WONDER WHY). While most cases of “taking a break for health reasons” are idol’s version of “sent to live on a farm a few hours away,” we were assured that this was real, and Fuyu would definitely be back.

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Here’s the Full MV for Ayukuma’s New Single

We already kind of bagged on ayumikurikamaki for sucking the fun out of themselves on “Tabidachi no Uta,” so there’s no need to re-hoe that row. Let’s just sit around this campfire and enjoy the video together for a few minutes:

Ironically, this is blocked in Japan!

I had to upload this myself, and it may be taken down. Why? Because geo-block! What’s your excuse, AKM? Most in this boat just don’t have the resources to get around the YouTube Red issue on a monetized channel; you’ve just plain opted to not make the video available in at least one country. WHY DO YOU HATE US? Continue reading

Holy Shit, Billie Idle’s Recording with Pharrell

Uh … uh …

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DEEP GIRL’s Latest Live Videos Are Sweet, Out of Control

They’ve been dropping these pro edits of live footage (with studio audio); now we have ourselves DEEP GIRL back on Jimmy Eat World and, uh, Hoobastank:

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This Thursday Throwback Is the Entire MADCREW in Pitched Battle

It dawned on me that, after last week’s kind of random addition of a #TBT for Fruitpochette, the Mad Magazine Records consortium of idols probably have a wealth of old stuff to plumb through, given that these are groups going back as much as six years.

So here’s a simple little treat for you:

Yes, I know it’s not the same as the real MADCREW; cut me some slack

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People Review Things: Idol Is Shit on Q’ulle’s “OVER THE HOPE”

You guys know me: I love me some Q’ulle. We even get to breathe a sign of relief that what could have been an imminent demise is, instead, a new beginning. That paints their recently released second album, Over the Hope, into a completely different kind of context; rather than be the death rattle of a fast-rising, talent-out-the-wazoo rock idol unit, it’s just the end of a chapter in what we can hope will be a significant career.

I’m going to download this album. I’m going to enjoy this album. And I’d love to review this album! But then I saw that it was again tackled by the very capable hands of our friend Garry MacKenzie, who not only helped to drive the Know Your BiStory series, but incidentally wrote another Q’ulle review that I shamelessly ripped off. So precedent is set!

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You Might Melt More Seeing the New Hauptharmonie

A lot of really cool and exciting stuff has happened this week, but I’ll completely own the fact that I may have been the most pleased as punch by this little bit of news:

At first glance, hey cool, new members and a headliner tour for Hauptharmonie! With sora tob sakana and Fullfull Pocket at the final! Neato!

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We May Be Able to Watch the Babymetal Tokyo Dome Shows Anyway

Well if this isn’t an interesting piece of news:

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