Get Your Knives Ready: A NEXT Shoujo Jiken Album Is Coming

Jordan gets the credit for seeing this first and sharing it on the Idolmetal group, but we’re all winners here; NEXT Shoujo Jiken, mainstay of the underground and literally the most violent thing in idol, will finally release an album:

Oh man. This was pretty much the last I’d seen of Maihime outside of photos, and I was starting to give up hope.

I’ll let the NEXT profile do most of the heavy lifting to explain why this is a cool project; for now, satisfy yourself with some video:

The big question, with all the re-recording involved here, is whether this is stuff being released with Mai as the sole member or if her good friend and criminally underappreciated Shinohara Yuri (Miracle Toybox) has officially joined the project and contributed as well.

Yes, I think this is Mai solo.

Damn, I’m excited!

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  1. Damn it, would everyone stop with all of this. I am going to go broke, lol. I just ordered the Screaming Idol single off the strength of this article.

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