I Find Things: Yandoll

Actually, technically, TGU found it, but who all else here looks at TGU regularly? That’s right.

Yandoll! Sick, suffering, angsty, pissed-off idols.


From the TGU piece:

yandoll was formed in 2015 by former Ayaman JAPAN member Mensoore Aina whose only requirement for applicants was that they be “suffering”(written in Japanese 病ンドル, uses the character for illness). They made their debut performance on July 20, 2015 at Shibuya Deseo alongside Oyasumi Hologram and LADYBABY! For more about idols and suffering, please refer to the article “Japan, the Ambiguous, and Idol Suffering” by munekata.

I’m keeping an eye on this one.

4 thoughts on “I Find Things: Yandoll

  1. You and me both. I don’t understand 95/100 of any Japanese lyrics, but in cases like this the sound makes up for it all.

    • I just keep hoping that more of the groups get some staying power. HATEGLEAM put out that ridiculous EP last year and have basically been crickets ever since (except to hawk merch on Twitter). I need more melodic hardcore in my life, dammit!

  2. This is great! Looks like they are putting out something (album, EP, single?) on 4/8, so I’ll be keeping my eye on them after that for sure.

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