Tokyo Candoll Finalists Half Homicidols and the Universe Is Probably Ending

Earlier today, or last night in Japan (I love time zones!), the first semifinal in the Tokyo Candoll competition to perform at Japan Expo in Paris was held:

We had already seen Necronomidol’s clever means to build their fans at the show, but no, the Dark Girls weren’t selected. But suitably sick, heavy, afflicted, weirdo idols after our own hearts not only advanced, but swept the podium 1-2-3.

In third place, Yandoll:

Here’s some video of their performance:

In second place, & Crazy:

And, the winner of this semifinal, none other than …

That’s right: The little death pop bunnies in Deathrabbits are, figuratively at least, in the driver’s seat to perform in Paris.

We have some good chances to see a group we like as the winner, too, with Under Beasty and Hauptharmonie both in the other semifinal.

Honestly, if I were a betting man, a jazzy ska-core mod-chic group like Hauptharmonie almost has to have this in the bag, huh? IT’S PARIS.

3 thoughts on “Tokyo Candoll Finalists Half Homicidols and the Universe Is Probably Ending

  1. As always I will be rooting for Deathrabbits to win. They usually seem like the underdogs to me in this heavy idol stuff. I think they should be a lot more popular than they are. They are a very talented, hardworking group that always seems very professional in their performances. They have paid their dues and deserve to win and go to France.

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