This Is the Worst Pun I’ve Ever Used … And That’s notall!

I kinda sorta promised the Tokyo Candoll winner, and I am a Maniac of my word if nothing else, so:

What did the winners sound like? If you’re in France at the time of Japan Expo and not possessed by demonic forces following Necroma’s medieval live, and you happened by the Expo, would you go see the idols and be pleased, or would you scoff and be like THIS AIN’T SOMETHING ENOUGH FOR ME, which is often a fair opinion to have, even with idols, but also, it’s idols.

Anyway! Attenuated run-ons and strawmen aside, here are your Tokyo Candoll winners, notall (Twitter):

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We Was Robbed: Tokyo Candoll Advances Some Rando to France

Uh … spoiler alert?

Whereas there was very good reason to be excited that something bizarre or afflicted or fun or at least boot-stomping from the idol ranks could have been selected to perform at Paris’s Japan Expo, of course those hopes were dashed, as we were warned. No, no & Crazy, no Yandoll, no Deathrabbits, not even somebody interesting like Hauptharmonie.

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Who Wants to See Deathrabbits Performing at Tokyo Candoll?

Yes or no, up or down, I’M SHARING IT ANYWAY!

Don’t pretend like you’re too cool for “Nande.”

This does, however, answer any questions I’ve ever had about whether Bucho’s vocals are live.

Tokyo Candoll Finalists Half Homicidols and the Universe Is Probably Ending

Earlier today, or last night in Japan (I love time zones!), the first semifinal in the Tokyo Candoll competition to perform at Japan Expo in Paris was held:

We had already seen Necronomidol’s clever means to build their fans at the show, but no, the Dark Girls weren’t selected. But suitably sick, heavy, afflicted, weirdo idols after our own hearts not only advanced, but swept the podium 1-2-3. Continue reading

If That’s What It Takes to Get to France, Necronomidol Will Brand Your Ass

I literally didn’t understand what Necroma was tweeting about so much yesterday, and the attached photos kind of sucked, so I just assumed the references to clothing sizes were, like normal, for shirts. No more was thought of it until:


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Homicidols Favorites Advancing in Tokyo Candoll

This has previously been discussed in the context of Necronomidol making a pitch for support, but Pascal on Facebook re-alerted me to Tokyo Candoll and put together for me why a bunch of groups were suddenly tweeting about it.

Here’s Pascal’s message:

In brief: Tokyo Candoll is a contest in Japan to decide which idol group will play on a big stage in Japan Expo (Paris). 92 contesters in february, 49 nowadays, and a few of them are well-known of this page.

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