If That’s What It Takes to Get to France, Necronomidol Will Brand Your Ass

I literally didn’t understand what Necroma was tweeting about so much yesterday, and the attached photos kind of sucked, so I just assumed the references to clothing sizes were, like normal, for shirts. No more was thought of it until:


I say! This now warrants a closer inspection:

So basically, if you’re supporting Necronomidol in Tokyo Candoll, buy these shorts and wear them to the show? That’s just amazing. Have idols ever gone this route before? “Everybody else has shirts and jackets and hats. We want you to show your support for us with your butt.”

UPDATE: From the mouth of madness itself:

I think it just got even better.

For the record, this is one piece of idol merch that you friendly neighborhood Maniac does not wish to personally acquire. This new Deep Girl stuff, on the other hand:

This is much better than where you used to be, Deep Girl. And please continue to move in this dark direction. You have a home here.

10 thoughts on “If That’s What It Takes to Get to France, Necronomidol Will Brand Your Ass

  1. Disappointed. Was sooooo looking forward to a pic of you rocking the Necroma booty shorts. We need a game of sorts, if Maniac loses he must take photo in said attire.(;_;) And since you asked if other Idols have gone this route, we present https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXDoQ-WpCgE READ DESCRIPTION or this http://www.yo-yo-usa.com/yo-yos/brands/c3yoyodesign/level-6-kamen-joshi.html READ DESCRIPTION with song “Spinners Blood” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZKoKfl_o_Q

      • Well played sir. We request trivia game, titled,”Stump The Maniac”. You win, you become king of trivia,however, if you lose, pic of Maniac donning Necroma booty shorts shall be posted across all social media. We will even purchase shorts on your behalf, xtra small for full effect. We dare you to just float the idea across the web, the response may be overwhelming. I need some back-up, where is phillter? Utters sacred incantation,”Passcode”, phillter appears in 3………2……………1. Where is Tara44DD?

        • Oh hell yeah, beefcake, BEEFCAKE. Looks like the shorts were a giveaway at shows (: How about a butt pic in the Deep Girl spandex pants?? That would be pretty sweet.

          • Boooo, C’mon it’s “Taunt The Site host Thursday” (;_;). By the way, where is the line forming to pinch Yuna’s cheek? And what is the cost? I have a spare kidney i might be willing to part with.

          • Just keep summoning me, there’s plenty where that came from 🙂

            If I ever actually got to meet her, I think I could die a happy man no matter what….Sorry, fan moment over.

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