Something JUICYY From PIGGS

Fresh from the family butchers, we have something big, long and meaty. That’s right, a full album from PIGGS!

Christmas really is turning into the time to tuck into some PIGGS instead of turkey, last year the group dropped 5 KILL STARS and this year we’re getting JUICYY! They’ve been around for a while now, so it’s easy to expect what this kind of album will bring to the table: the unexpected. The group’s tradition of drawing from an eclectic array of sonic inspiration continues, from pop punk to glam rock, it’s a musically meaty buffet.

If you haven’t seen their latest promo MV, “NOT PIG” is quite possibly one of the more controversial things that Pour Lui has been apart of: it’s short vertically. A divisive choice, but personally we’re in love with the creative direction. Also not having to rotate your phone is a nice bonus.

Two Little PIGGieS

“NOT PIG” is also a good indicator of the album’s overall sound, the aformentioned eclectic influences but with that patented Ryan B gloss varnished all over the track. The opening song “NAKED BORN NAKED DIE” feels like a marriage between Danger Days by My Chemical Romance and Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell – it’s the kind of music made by somebody who really, really loves music. From the cowboy vibes in “T.A.K.O.” to the baroque dance break in the re-recording of “PIGGS -Mona Lisa-,” this is an album made by somebody who’s record collection could probably break a shelf with it’s sheer weight. Not just the fact that there’s a wide range of inspiration that’s bursting out of each song, it’s that nothing feels particularly out of place either. No song could be done by another group or another composer, PIGGS are a shining star in an otherwise dark sky.

“JUICYY” is out to stream and buy right now! The year is almost over, but you have time for one more full course meal right? We CAN’T BEar to think that you’d miss out on this! …see the joke is that the last song on the album is called “I CAN’T BE” and- you know what just listen to the damn album.