I Have No Idea What the Hell yandoll Is Doing

Please tell me there are some yandoll fans out there. This all-time weirdo group has always made the most of their sickness theme for at least as long as I’ve known about them, with some very cool musical moves that unfortunately have always kind of been overshadowed by promotional gimmicks and general weirdness. Nothing wrong with that! Idol is kind of self-definitive that way.

But the reason that I hope there’s a fan or two who can chime in is that I literally stopped paying attention to yandoll a while ago, save for as the occasional Weekender filler, because this is at the end of the day a music website and see above, so I don’t know if this latest, uh, promotion is tied to anything or just the kind of thing idols will do for shits and giggles. It’s a who-has-the-best-video-short contest? Continue reading

Tell Me If You Saw This One Coming: yandoll’s Getting a Major Debut

Thank you to Jul for the note on this one: yandoll, who you may recall struggled to fulfill their CD-selling challenge just last year despite being sort of uniquely good in the yanderu space (also uniquely in the yanderu space), and also are yanderu idols who often practically define what it means to be chika, are nonetheless making a major debut in the summer under Universal:

To do so, three members are getting the axe (or self-delivering the axe, it’s impossible to tell), and auditions for the replacements are beginning promptly. Farewell live forthcoming. Continue reading

Hell, Why Not More yandoll One-man?

Good morning! Given what all I saw trickling through the interwebs over the past couple of days, I had a feeling that this was going to be a very repeaty kind of day, going back to recently familiar wells, and I was kind of right! They say that you shouldn’t return to the scene of a crime, but they also say that you shouldn’t go swimming for an hour after eating, which is total malarkey, so what do they know, really?

Anyway, it was basically yesterday when we looked at yandoll doing legit one-man activity at their one-man, which was kind of cool and unique (read: “yandoll”), and this is at least some of the rest of the set: Continue reading

Here’s Footage of yandoll Taking ‘One-man’ Very Seriously

Are we ever going to stop with the live video? NOPE. Somehow March and December will happen simultaneously, we’ll do a combined Corenament of the Year contest and still be doing a whole ton of live video because the entire idol industry has apparently decided that this debut season will be kind of lame and very few idols of the homi variety, at least the ones of note, will do anything notable.


But this is why live video exists. Idol never does stop, even when it’s lame, and it’s in the live environment that maybe stuff having a look at will still happen, right?

So here’s yandoll, who are cool and not appreciated enough, having a “one-man” with a band that’s definitely not what you saw in their last one-man, and definitely not what you expect when you see that word: Continue reading

In Completely Unrelated News, Here’s yandoll’s One-man

I love referrals! This one was kind of funny, because I mentioned yandoll in passing a few days ago (re: groups with very tall members), and I noticed that I hadn’t done a single yandoll post in a few months at least, which is a shame because, while they kind of suck at getting stuff onto YouTube despite performing pretty regularly, I do like to keep them in the Idols for Quarterly Check-ins category at the very least.

Anyway, Norem, who you may know, hit me up yesterday with this video from yandoll’s second one-man last month:

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How Many Members of yandoll Are Left?

So do you guys remember how yandoll launched a potentially misguided campaign to sell 5,000 copies of their album, with one available per member, and whoever’s sold the fewest would be fired from the group?

At last check-in, they were off the pace, but the various incentives (buy enough and you get to take the girls to Disney! etc.!) gave some hope to the goal and the overall intent to keep the group together.

The deadline was Saturday. Did they make it?

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Thursday Hurtsday: Let’s Check in on Yandoll!

It’s Thursday Hurtsday again, friends, and what could possibly be more painful than a sickness-themed idolcore unit that’s competing against itself to keep a member from getting fired? Not much!*

First up, some new video. Well, new video of a song we’ve heard before. But still, it’s new, and it’s not like Yandoll posts a ton of it online, so here we are.

Just listening to that song makes me feel dirty

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Yandoll Is on the Clock

Idols have shown that there are many ways to wish your fans a happy new year. Epic live video? Announce new releases? Rebrand? Threaten to disband!

Yeah, Yandoll, who seem to revel in being sick, gutter idols anyway, have taken up one of those obnoxious “we need to sell this many CDs or Bad Things” challenges (thanks, Pure Idol Heart). The details are here.

Specifically, it’s 5,000 CDs sold by April. If they make the goal, they’ll hold a free one-man; if they don’t, somebody’s going to get fired (and “somebody” will be determined by lots, which is pretty great actually). There are additional incentives to purchase, though, probably because seeing somebody get fired by dumb luck is more of a motivator not to buy than to participate in the gimmick. Continue reading

Yandoll Debuted New Members Today

That’s literally all I got. These sickness idols have felt like they’re right on the cusp of something going back to when TGU first wrote them up, and a cool-if-a-little-done concept and pretty all right sound work for them.


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Hey, Yandoll Has a New Song!

It had been on my radar to come back to Yandoll again because it’s been months since they last popped up in these parts, but everything I ever found was either old or of really low quality of something old. And Yandoll’s pretty nice and deserves better than to be repped like that. I kept striking out in my search, but it looks like Viz Major struck gold to the benefit of all:

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