Homicidols Favorites Advancing in Tokyo Candoll

This has previously been discussed in the context of Necronomidol making a pitch for support, but Pascal on Facebook re-alerted me to Tokyo Candoll and put together for me why a bunch of groups were suddenly tweeting about it.

Here’s Pascal’s message:

In brief: Tokyo Candoll is a contest in Japan to decide which idol group will play on a big stage in Japan Expo (Paris). 92 contesters in february, 49 nowadays, and a few of them are well-known of this page.

The accompanying article is in French, but it does include photos, so let’s all look at who was in the running.

There’s a second list here for all of the whos who have been passed into the quarterfinals. Among the homicidols on the list are Yandoll, And Crazy, Deathrabbits, Under Beasty and Necronomidol. Also included are Hauptharmonie, who are nonetheless awesome, and RHYMEBERRY, who have no place here but will definitely be part of the sister site that I never seem to have time to develop.

Here’s video of Necroma finding out that they’re still in the running:

Little-known fact: Every other idol on that stage has been stricken with a mystery illness and a boundless depression. Necronomidol management has declined to comment.

By the way, anybody else notice that we seem to have lost the Deathrabbits crew since last weekend’s voting debacle? Tamas Kiss, we miss you!

9 thoughts on “Homicidols Favorites Advancing in Tokyo Candoll

  1. The contest is bullshit anyway. All the main round the audience generally decide, but at the final last year which was packed and in a shit venue, some French tosser came in, ignored the amazing performances of two bands and 2&, as well as Lolisyn’s last good performance ever (probably straw that broke the camel’s back for 2nd gen, just took them a while to finally die) and overrode everyone and sent Luce Twinkle Wink who pissed off 90% of the audience by being far too cutesy and generic to Paris.

    The French like boring, “kawaii” things. Even if all the good groups reach the final, someone cutesy and shit will go to Paris.


      But this is why we need to create our own things. Yeah, we’d hold the inaugural versions in a Holiday Inn ballroom in Fresno (“I can’t believe we could afford Fresno!”), but the normies aren’t ever going to embrace the weird.

      • “Sir…we, ah…we can’t ACTUALLY afford Fresno…”
        “What? Why not?”
        “Well…to get the bands here we had to spend almost $30,000 in plane tickets…and then another $2,000 for hotels for them…”

        • This is why what we really need is imagination. Stick Necroma on a boat and tell them to direct their energies toward the most evil place they can find. That thing’ll be pulling up to the Santa Monica pier in a matter of days, and everybody else on board can say that they had a nice Pacific cruise.

  2. I am afraid there are good things in Pukovnik Krv’s comment. The idol groups that usually come to play on big stages in Japan Expo are mostly mainstream, and despite their true hard work and commitment I don’t appreciate too much the “business” side of those. Now, for a few years are 2 or 3 little stages with a lot of idol groups playing, really really close to the audience. With a few prayers and sacrifices to Yog-Sottoth, maybe… And remember: New Caledonia, where Necroma toured, is French ! Well, OK, R’Lyeh is not that far from New Caledonia also, but, well… I’ll stay tuned anyway.

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