I Literally Cannot Believe That AND CRAZY Is Back

Aside from being one of the all-time great free agent pickups in idol blogging history, I’ve always been able to rely on one Chris Winsall, Mr. Toxic Breakfast himself, for adroit plucking of otherwise obscure excellence from the idol heap and shaking it in my face until I embrace it with all the enthusiasm required. And now that he’s on Team, it even happens quietly! The note the other day was one of the weirdest shots out of the dark that I’ve had in a while, and I’m completely here for it.

Friends. You guys. AND CRAZY is back.

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2016 Is Claiming Another Victim: & Crazy Shutting It Down

What a bit of dumb luck that I stumbled across this while checking on another piece of info. Pretty cool hard rock idols & Crazy are in the middle of a farewell tour:

Wait! Why? Because I don’t know, that’s why. It’s probably buried deep in the bowels of Twitter and the three people other than me who are going to care will just as completely not go to the trouble of looking it up. But (and this is the confusing part) three current members of the group are going to be graduating (from …?) at this final one-man on the 28th, whereupon the group is going to “suspend activities,” which is about a 95 percent lean toward “goodbye forever.” Continue reading

Holy Shit, the New & Crazy Is Pretty Awesome

The things you find while “I’mma just check Twitter for a minute before this meeting starts”ing. Seriously give this a few of your minutes:

That’s, like, light years ahead of their last release. Which wasn’t bad, just not a “screw the pretense, let’s got for it!” dip into idolcore that I frankly didn’t think they had in them.

Good job, & Crazy. And maybe keep the weird animated fart monsters to yourself next time.

We Was Robbed: Tokyo Candoll Advances Some Rando to France

Uh … spoiler alert?

Whereas there was very good reason to be excited that something bizarre or afflicted or fun or at least boot-stomping from the idol ranks could have been selected to perform at Paris’s Japan Expo, of course those hopes were dashed, as we were warned. No, no & Crazy, no Yandoll, no Deathrabbits, not even somebody interesting like Hauptharmonie.

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& Crazy Drops the Full PV for Their First Single

I really think that one of the strengths of this music, regardless of its equal ability to put one off, is how it can just grab-bag its way through elements. & Crazy‘s “End of Memory” started off making me feel like a J-rock interpretation of Evanescence, for instance.

You know, nu-metally and -core-y. … You guys are jerks.

It settles into familiar territory before too long, and then those choruses sound like something out of early HKFC.

Anyway, I had no idea that they were releasing on Universal. That’s … does Universal have some kind of thing for 1B-level rock idols?

So & Crazy Just Had a Pretty Good Day

It feels kind of like extra sugar in their coffee, but & Crazy’s advance to the Tokyo Candoll finals could not have been timed better: The Harlequin Insanity (how does that epithet work for you?) have their first single coming out in June and a preview MV for it:

Not a bad day!

Tokyo Candoll Finalists Half Homicidols and the Universe Is Probably Ending

Earlier today, or last night in Japan (I love time zones!), the first semifinal in the Tokyo Candoll competition to perform at Japan Expo in Paris was held:

We had already seen Necronomidol’s clever means to build their fans at the show, but no, the Dark Girls weren’t selected. But suitably sick, heavy, afflicted, weirdo idols after our own hearts not only advanced, but swept the podium 1-2-3. Continue reading

Homicidols Favorites Advancing in Tokyo Candoll

This has previously been discussed in the context of Necronomidol making a pitch for support, but Pascal on Facebook re-alerted me to Tokyo Candoll and put together for me why a bunch of groups were suddenly tweeting about it.

Here’s Pascal’s message:

In brief: Tokyo Candoll is a contest in Japan to decide which idol group will play on a big stage in Japan Expo (Paris). 92 contesters in february, 49 nowadays, and a few of them are well-known of this page.

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There’s a Pun Here Somewhere: Enjoy & Crazy

I know, I’m really sorry, I should be able to come up with way better than that.

But! & Crazy (And Crazy, whatever have you) is one of those very consciously rock idol projects. And that’s a nifty little song! I know that there are more than a few folks who traverse these parts who’d probably get really excited if & Crazy were to get a full profile, and maybe they will soon. I actually just posted the video because it was in the recs of something else I was watching, and I thought, IT’S TIME!

Remember that movie Airheads?

Anyway, happy Sunday.