Say, What’s 30Posse Up To?

I’d been holding 30Posse (Twitter) in a kind of reserve since the very beginning, but now their Party Rockets-meets-Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen thing looks like it might be ready to re-jump-start:

New members? Looks at website.


This is 30Posse at the height of their earlier powers. There is potential here.

This is their most recent:

So we’ll see what happens in a week!

4 thoughts on “Say, What’s 30Posse Up To?

  1. ((Reads title))
    Who is this?

    ((Reads description…I see what you did there, Maniac))

    ((Watches videos))

    If that second one is their newest stuff, then that is awesome. Good blend of what makes Party Rockets and YKG good, along with a bitchin’ breakdown and chug section in the middle there.


    • It’s like the Great Idol Breakout of 2013-2015 took a nap for a few months, but now they’re trying to boot back up. I’ve been seeing nanoCUNE’s name out there in set lists lately, for instance.

      • Really? That’s fantastic!! I really enjoy seeing comebacks/reboots, because they can remind of some great stuff that is already out there, and give a fantastic opportunity for new awesomeness to occur…

        Except for that time when Metallica tried to reboot as a modern thrash band….no one liked that shit…

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