This Would Have Been Awesome: Report Back from ‘Brand New Idle Society’

I am aggravated. First this show was definitely happening, and then “it didn’t,” and then the “IDLE IS DEAD” tour was announced and that’s cool, but: Look, that BiS reunion concert definitely happened (in December), and it looks like it was really great, and I’m going to try to hunt down some video to see just how great, but man alive, the perils of trying to follow things in another country through the fog of Google Translate and limited media in your own language.

From TGU:

Although some may have been hoping that the 6 former members of BiS would perform a few of their classic songs as soon as “BILLE IDLE® Presents ‘Brand-new Idle Society’” was announced at BILLE IDLE®’s previous live on October 10th, in retrospect it was not particularly disappointing that it did not happen. All of the members have moved on to new groups and projects and when they were members of BiS, they had constantly challenged and redefined the concept of idols in just 4 short years. If anything, maybe it’s up to BiSH or any of the other idols who were there to pay their respects by continuing the legacy of BiS?

Hey, who would ever suggest otherwise?

*The Photoshopping for that banner: So bad, it must be good.

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