Guess Who’s Going by GANG PARADE Now

The announcement teased last night had me interested in at least getting a substantial announcement, if not an MV or something (which, please, it’s S-L-O-W in Idolville right now); I did not expect this:

If you have a reaction to this bit of news, a thread just opened up in the forums — and you OG Pla2me people might have a good time with it!

Yes, the group formerly known as Pla2me has now rebranded twice in a year and will now be known as GANG PARADE going forward (Twitter typos notwithstanding).

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What: IDOL IS WACK Is Happening

Okay, that was fun. I made two people cry and managed to offend an idol’s staff. Great day! #AprilFools

For your pain, here’s a nice gift: The “DEADMAN” art.

I’ll keep this here as an archive, but please do not believe that WACK is taking the entire BiSiverse (and friends … and enemies) on a world tour. At least not this year.

This is not a drill. There is going to be a BiSH-led world tour beginning in June. They’re bringing the whole family with them. This is insane.


Here’s the link. Look at this map:  Continue reading

POP Checks off One More Idol Thing from Their List

POP, aka Period of Plastic 2 Mercy, aka the continuation/successor of Pla2me, aka once upon a time the most promising alt-idol duo in the game, just put another notch in their belt:

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A Tree Falls in the Forest: POP Announces Third Single

Orig. via Kimi.Kame

I expect that this will be met with roughly the same collective shrug as usually happens with POP-related things here, and that’s okay — you’re all entitled to your bad opinions. However:

That’s a third single. July. “We Are the Idol.” They seem to like declarative titles, huh?

POP’s second single, “Queen of POP,” was good and you should listen to it. Don’t try to make too much of the video, though.

Come Watch the ‘Queen of POP’ MV and Explain It to Me

Not long after releasing their entire Queen of POP EP on Soundcloud, POP follows up with a video for the title track:

That’s … that’s interesting! What exactly is going on here! Please tell me!

I still really like this song.

This Road to Tochigi Lineup Looks Amazing

While other Road to Tochigi events have been building to this one, I think that this is building even more to … well, an event at the actual Gyu-no farm.

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Taiwan? We Got a POP for That

Is the title so obscure that not only am I the only one laughing, but to explain it would completely kill the joke, too? Whatever.

This is a cool little piece of news: POP is heading to Taipei to perform in what looks like a little weekend festival:

Also listed there is TIRA, who I’m guessing is the same Tira who’s ex of Bellring Girls Heart and possibly even more unnerving as a solo performer.

So if you’re going to be in Taiwan the weekend of May 14, check out this thing!

I Fix Things: The House Needs Me this Weekend

It has been fun as hell this week, gang, with all kinds of new music all over the place. But my in-laws are visiting and I have to fix and clean a whole bunch of things, so please do take this and enjoy what’s there. Tell a friend or two, “Hey, I really like this stuff going on at, and I think you would, too.”

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You Can Listen to POP’s “Queen of POP” Like Right Now

We’re still two weeks and change away from POP‘s one-man to celebrate the official release of “Queen of POP,” but they added the tracks to Soundcloud this morning, and you can get a nice (full) preview: Continue reading

Idol Rocks! Looks Like It Was a Pretty Good Time

I had no idea what was going on with this show, but now I’m seeing the results and feeling like it must have been a pretty pretty good time (get it?), featuring POP, Necronomidol, Screaming Sixties, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da and others (like XYZ) that I don’t know about yet but want to.

Here’s the promo poster. Read more to see other photos.

Poster for Idol Rocks! mini festival on Feb. 19 2016 Continue reading