Guess Who’s Going by GANG PARADE Now

The announcement teased last night had me interested in at least getting a substantial announcement, if not an MV or something (which, please, it’s S-L-O-W in Idolville right now); I did not expect this:

If you have a reaction to this bit of news, a thread just opened up in the forums — and you OG Pla2me people might have a good time with it!

Yes, the group formerly known as Pla2me has now rebranded twice in a year and will now be known as GANG PARADE going forward (Twitter typos notwithstanding).

For those keeping score at home, here’s a rough timeline:

  • Summer 2014: BiS breaks up, Kamiya Saki is joined by Mizuta Mari to create Plastic 2 Mercy (Pla2me), intense pop.
  • Pla2me releases the awesome “UNIT.”

  • Spring 2015: Mari departs for a number of reasons.
  • Summer 2015: Four new members are added to the re-branded Period of Plastic 2 Mercy (POP).
  • Summer 2015: POP releases what would have been Pla2me’s (mostly good) debut album.

    This song, though.

  • Summer 2015: POP encourages anarchy from the stage, is kicked out of TIF (along with BiSH)
  • Immediately after: Saki is suspended indefinitely.
  • Fall 2015: POP forges ahead without their leader, wins cool Gyuzo idol battle.
  • Fall/Winter 2015: POP releases “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” single, is rebranded as a denpa-style unit.

  • Winter 2015: Saki runs 100km marathon in 24 hours to rejoin/stay in the group.
  • Spring 2016: POP releases fairly denpa-y “Queen of POP” single.

  • Spring 2016: POP takes part in BiS reunion tour, goes to Taiwan, two-man with BiSH, etc.
  • Summer 2016: POP re-brands as GANG PARADE.

I’m not going to speculate too much as to whether this is as full as re-brand as the last one (I thought very openly that it was just a WACK-led stunt), but I’ll allow that GANG PARADE sounds denpa as hell.

“WE ARE the IDOL” is still slated for release in a month from now, with a one-man the day before. Hold on to your butts.

5 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Going by GANG PARADE Now

  1. Kinda saw this coming. Now they don’t have to make excuses when their next album is more denpa-song and less art-pop. Or whatever.
    I guess now’s the time to give up hope of ever hearing another P2m kind of song from the group… I don’t mind Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky / Queen of POP, but I do hope the crew who produced “Too Misery” finds another group deserving of such bangers.

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