Withdrawn Wednesday #13

First oshiloss corner of 2020, everybody! It’s been a while; if you missed it, this column got downgraded somewhat to an occasional Weekender segment, known as “Oshiloss Corner” because, well, there’s not usually all that much to talk about when talking about idols who are no more, is there?

But I also promised that Withdrawn Wednesday as a standalone column would infrequently return on those rare occasions where we get lots of content in a short space of time, and this week was one of those special weeks! Let’s take a look at what a bunch of our lost oshis are doing now!

Could Go Zeela‘s future career path be in the world of pro-wrestling?


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Withdrawn Wednesday #12

Another week, another fairly quiet, overdue Withdrawn Wednesday summary. Not so much because of a lack of ex-oshi content, but more because of technical difficulties.

With that being said,

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Who wants to hear the first of Peri Ubu’s post-BiS songs?

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Withdrawn Wednesday #11

WELL WELL WELL, it appears that Withdrawn Wednesday publishing duties fall to ol’ Maniac this week! Without Kerrie’s vengeful watchful eye and domineering enlightening presence, what kinds of shenanigans can we get into? Dare we … feh! To spoil this week’s Fun now would be as great a crime as has been committed in idol since maybe last week. So let’s play it straight and not risk Kerrie’s wrath.

Oshis! And other idols, ex and otherwise, who you may love but not necessarily totally oshi. They’re out there, gang, and just because they’ve gone to the big chika stage in the sky doesn’t mean that we can’t stay connected. This edition of Withdrawn Wednesday gets into just some of the ongoing activities of some of our very favorite people.

And if you don’t like it, take it up with Kerrie, because this still appears under her byline!

Co Co Co’s new project, Gordon, released their first MV.

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Withdrawn Wednesday #10

Suddenly we went from Withdrawn Wednesdays being drawn out over weeks due to lack of content, to a burst of news in one go!

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Yasui Yuuhi/Mahiruno Yuzuko will be performing on stage again!

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Fleeing Thursday (a Belated Withdrawn Wednesday)

I really haven’t had a good track record with Homicidols lately, huh? Pretty sure if I was gettng paid for this I would have already been fired by now! See, I lost track of time this week, and thought it was actually Wednesday today, but whoops! So, rather than hold it off for another week, this week’s Withdrawn Wednesday is now known as “Fleeing Thursday” because this post has been delayed enough as it is.

Your Graduated Oshi: Where Are They Now?

First we had Ex-Gokitei Hibiki changing her name and joining Necroma, now Alice is proving she’s not quite done with idol yet either.

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Withdrawn Wednesday #9

Thank goodness for my co-writers, after forgetting about Withdrawn Wednesday for way longer than it needed to be yet again, they’ve taken it upon themselves to poke me and cry “Um, Kerrie, what about ___!?” and now this belated post has once again been saved from becoming yet another BiS roundup. Although there’s plenty of that still there of course!

Former Idol Renaissance Maina released a new music video.

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Withdrawn Wednesday #8

This week’s Withdrawn Wednesday was mainly me looking through the twitters of my old oshis wondering “Is there anything I missed?” so once again, hit me up if I missed any of your own ex-oshis! But for now, we have photobooks, auditions and some very cute freckles, so lets get on with it.

Your graduated oshi: Where are they now?

Stocks are up at Amuse since it was announced that the YuiBot is out of the shop and ready to resume operations!!

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Withdrawn Wednesday #7

Just a word of warning, this week’s Withdrawn Wednesday is very BiS heavy. To the point where there’s not much else. I’d say “Let’s call this a BiS special” but I wouldn’t be surprised if future installments had lots of BiS either. What can I say, there’s a lot of ex-BiS members. How to counter this? Send me what your non-BiS oshis have been up to for the next WW, of course! I’m not an all-seeing entity, after all, I need a bit of help!

But, anyway, onward.

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Uh, whatever works for you, Yuzuko

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Withdrawn Wednesday #6

Want to hear Cococo’s new project?

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Withdrawn Wednesday #5

Much like our long-gone oshis making reappearances, this week’s Withdrawn Wednesday’s publication date was long overdue. Blame a lot of busy stuff on my end. But here we are, with more from the past few weeks in softening the blow of oshiloss. 

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Ex-WagamaKi Moe is a supporting member of Re:LAYz… using the twitter and stage name of one of Re:LAYz’s own former members!?


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