Withdrawn Wednesday #5

Much like our long-gone oshis making reappearances, this week’s Withdrawn Wednesday’s publication date was long overdue. Blame a lot of busy stuff on my end. But here we are, with more from the past few weeks in softening the blow of oshiloss. 

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Ex-WagamaKi Moe is a supporting member of Re:LAYz… using the twitter and stage name of one of Re:LAYz’s own former members!?


And other Ex-WagamaKi Asaka has opened an instagram:


And ex-Migma Shelter Popopo has a blog!

Idol Renaissance’s Maina has released a solo EP:

Cooooooo has a new project in the works

And Sari appears to be recording a little something herself!

Also, she and Hina went to Necroma’s live.


Waka! What are you doing with that gun!?


・・・・・・・・・ is still releasing PVs like they haven’t ascended into an ethereal state of being.

Colomo (ex. Candye Syrup) is trying out some new looks (or eating lipstick, it’s hard to tell).


I’m going to use this song as an excuse to post HelloPro alumni here again but AIAI!!!!!!!!!!!!


Speaking of HelloPro alumni (if you count trainees), check out ex-UUG Sengoku Minami’s sexy new merch:

I’ll let Yes! Tiger speak on my behalf for this one

Finally, go give Yuuhi/Yuzuko (Ex-BILLIE IDLE)’s impressive Oomori Seiko cover a listen! Girl’s got a voice!