Withdrawn Wednesday #11

WELL WELL WELL, it appears that Withdrawn Wednesday publishing duties fall to ol’ Maniac this week! Without Kerrie’s vengeful watchful eye and domineering enlightening presence, what kinds of shenanigans can we get into? Dare we … feh! To spoil this week’s Fun now would be as great a crime as has been committed in idol since maybe last week. So let’s play it straight and not risk Kerrie’s wrath.

Oshis! And other idols, ex and otherwise, who you may love but not necessarily totally oshi. They’re out there, gang, and just because they’ve gone to the big chika stage in the sky doesn’t mean that we can’t stay connected. This edition of Withdrawn Wednesday gets into just some of the ongoing activities of some of our very favorite people.

And if you don’t like it, take it up with Kerrie, because this still appears under her byline!

Co Co Co’s new project, Gordon, released their first MV.

Looks like Togaren appeared in some popular vlogger’s new video

Mahiruno Yuzuko (Formally known as Yasui Yuuhi of Billie Idle) and Michibayashi Rio (First Generation BiS!) dropped in to support Billie Idle and took time to hang with them backstage!

Kotao showed off some new pieces at a recent gallery show! Her work continues to be very well-received!

969‘s Juri has a new twitter account.

Did you see Sari‘s debut solo live?

Ex-PASSPO Natsumi Iwamura gave a big middle finger to Japanese diet culture.

Boss didn’t take any time at all after her Burst Girls departure to just jump right into her new project.