Withdrawn Wednesday #8

This week’s Withdrawn Wednesday was mainly me looking through the twitters of my old oshis wondering “Is there anything I missed?” so once again, hit me up if I missed any of your own ex-oshis! But for now, we have photobooks, auditions and some very cute freckles, so lets get on with it.

Your graduated oshi: Where are they now?

Stocks are up at Amuse since it was announced that the YuiBot is out of the shop and ready to resume operations!!

Will you be ordering Tentenko’s photobook?


What is it with 2019 and ex-BiS girls having photography exhibitions anyway?

Oh, hi Kotao!

My former HelloPro oshis still count if they’re seen hanging out with a current Homicidols favourite, yes?


Sari freckles!!

Remember ex-GANG PARADE Maaya? Her name’s Marin now, and she’s auditioning for another group! Wish her luck!


Here’s Colomo, making me wince

See you another time!