Fleeing Thursday (a Belated Withdrawn Wednesday)

I really haven’t had a good track record with Homicidols lately, huh? Pretty sure if I was gettng paid for this I would have already been fired by now! See, I lost track of time this week, and thought it was actually Wednesday today, but whoops! So, rather than hold it off for another week, this week’s Withdrawn Wednesday is now known as “Fleeing Thursday” because this post has been delayed enough as it is.

Your Graduated Oshi: Where Are They Now?

First we had Ex-Gokitei Hibiki changing her name and joining Necroma, now Alice is proving she’s not quite done with idol yet either.

Considering she was the first of the 2019 mass-BiS graduations who seemed to have something up her sleeve, fans have been left wondering just what exactly Aya Eightprince was planning for months now. Well, looks like she’s going down the actress route.

Former PASSPO☆ member Mio Masui’s new band,  BabooBee, released their first album and a MV.

Sari, please, my heart can only take so much.

I’m pretty certain Terashima Yufu is just rounding up ex-BiS members into DearStage out of petty revenge at this point


Togaren looking stunning


Behold, the completed form of BILLIE IDLE!