Withdrawn Wednesday #10

Suddenly we went from Withdrawn Wednesdays being drawn out over weeks due to lack of content, to a burst of news in one go!

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Yasui Yuuhi/Mahiruno Yuzuko will be performing on stage again!

We already wrote a full article about this, but Sari has a YouTube now and she’s making music again!

If you’re not following ex-There There Theres Karin on instagram, you’re missing out on a whole lot of trauma. Thankfully, I can just show you right here.


The first girl to leave 3rd Generation BiS thankfully wasn’t gone for long.

These photos posted by ex-Candye Syrup Aisaki Mai (now known as Mirichan) are right up my aesthetic.

Ex-Pottya Maiko had a baby!

We have no idea where Hug Me is nowadays, but it’s still nice that her old photographer buddy continues to share photoshoots from 5 years ago.