Withdrawn Wednesday #13

First oshiloss corner of 2020, everybody! It’s been a while; if you missed it, this column got downgraded somewhat to an occasional Weekender segment, known as “Oshiloss Corner” because, well, there’s not usually all that much to talk about when talking about idols who are no more, is there?

But I also promised that Withdrawn Wednesday as a standalone column would infrequently return on those rare occasions where we get lots of content in a short space of time, and this week was one of those special weeks! Let’s take a look at what a bunch of our lost oshis are doing now!

Could Go Zeela‘s future career path be in the world of pro-wrestling?


It’s been so long since we’ve seen Akuchan (formerly Kaqriyo Terror Architect‘s Nonamera) performing, so here she is to brighten your day:

If you thought a mere marriage announcement would curb First Summer Uika‘s public randiness you were sadly mistaken.

Sari did an art exhibition with Nemless over the weekend.

She has a new song too!


Ex-Candye Syrup Yumemi and ex-miscast Niku are in a new group, along with two other girls who could also be recent graduates, or they could be complete newbies, I honestly have no idea.

And a last-minute addition for all you Rhymeberry fans!

Anyway, I don’t know when the next full-fledged Withdrawn Wednesday will happen, considering the bumpy road that is following post-idol activities. So, make sure to check out the weekender every Saturday for more frequent yet shorter updates!