Withdrawn Wednesday #7

Just a word of warning, this week’s Withdrawn Wednesday is very BiS heavy. To the point where there’s not much else. I’d say “Let’s call this a BiS special” but I wouldn’t be surprised if future installments had lots of BiS either. What can I say, there’s a lot of ex-BiS members. How to counter this? Send me what your non-BiS oshis have been up to for the next WW, of course! I’m not an all-seeing entity, after all, I need a bit of help!

But, anyway, onward.

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Uh, whatever works for you, Yuzuko

After just 6 months, Nakayama Yukiko has already stepped down as Kimi no Mawari’s producer. Now what?


Speaking of ex-BiS

Peri’s also opening up a photography exhibition next month.

A past WACK spends some time with a future WACK.

I know we’re all sad how Go Zeela deleted her twitter this week. Don’t worry, Pour Lui’s got you.

Tentenko MV!

Want to hear more Gordon music?

Damn, Asaka

Neo-Japonism is dead, but catch Chan-Rana at Chanmomo’s birthday event!


And Sari at Ruan’s.

I swear it was only yesterday that Emuko announced her graduation from KINGRAGE and the mistress announced their disbandment, and yet here’s Emuko showing up in mistress 3.0 aka miscast.

A Kamen Joshi turned politician? It’s more likely than you think.