Withdrawn Wednesday #9

Thank goodness for my co-writers, after forgetting about Withdrawn Wednesday for way longer than it needed to be yet again, they’ve taken it upon themselves to poke me and cry “Um, Kerrie, what about ___!?” and now this belated post has once again been saved from becoming yet another BiS roundup. Although there’s plenty of that still there of course!

Former Idol Renaissance Maina released a new music video.

Behold our dark lord Togaren, apparently holding the corpse of Grumpy Cat.


Muropanako (or MuroHanako?) has opened a new twitter and instagram.

The artist formerly known as CoCoCo hung out with the artist formerly known as Tsuyame.


This was to mark the debut live of Co-cubed’s new band, Gordon.

Some additional action photos:

This must have made Tsuyame nostalgic, because she then spent some time with Nobumi from Bakyun the Everyday, another old friend from Yukueshirezutsurezure‘s Canadian tour.


My favourite ex-2nd gen BiS that isn’t Kika Front Frontale changed her name, got signed to DearStage and is starring in a movie!


Meanwhile, my favourite ex-2nd gen BiS that is Kika Front Frontale has become a businesswoman in the most Kika Front Frontale way you could ever imagine.


2nd Gen BiS in general are having a good time.