Withdrawn Wednesday #12

Another week, another fairly quiet, overdue Withdrawn Wednesday summary. Not so much because of a lack of ex-oshi content, but more because of technical difficulties.

With that being said,

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Who wants to hear the first of Peri Ubu’s post-BiS songs?

On the topic of ex-BiS members launching solo careers, Aya Eightprince has something brewing too!

Kika’s bar opened, and was visited by the two ex-BiS members who probably aren’t even allowed to drink legally.


There’s nothing to follow in ex-YMM/Hauptharmonie Mone/Sui, but she’s very photogenic.

Go follow ex-Kodomochan Honoka’s new twitter if you haven’t already.

Recently-graduated NECRONOMIDOL madamoiselle Kunogi opened an online store.

Speaking of idol merch, you could probably get these official Boss lighters if you live in Japan. 


But if you don’t live in Japan then at the very least you can buy Knuckle Chihuahua’s album.