Withdrawn Wednesday #6

Want to hear Cococo’s new project?

Togaren has Instagram! Praise the idol gods!


You know who else just opened an instagram? Peri Ubu!

Meanwhile, my own 2nd Gen BiS oshi got sick eating oysters on vacation, because the world just hates Kika like that. 

I have a feeling BiS are going to show up a lot more in the future.

Speaking of WACK (well, if you count audition rejects), Aono’s been pretty quiet since the days of #JusticeForAono, but this new photo is pretty cute.

I guess we now know what Sari was recording a few weeks ago:

In case you didn’t recognise her, ex-MIGMA SHELTER Popopo Jr. is now current-HAMIDASYSTEM Me! (Why does she always get the confusing stage names?)

“Kerrie, how many times are going to ignore the no Hello!Project rule just so you can post your oshis?” Shut up, this song slaps.

Kotao looking fabulous as always

Yuzuko is never going to stop singing, and I for one am very grateful for that.

One thought on “Withdrawn Wednesday #6

  1. registered just to say thanks for the Togaren!
    still in a bit of disbelief…
    my withdrawn kamioshi — Iikubo Harunan — seems to be doing pretty well, or at least she’s being quite busy…

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