You Too Can Smell Like Teen Spirit for an Annual Fee

In celebration of the release of the (excellent) KiLLER BiSH first major-label album, BiSH has announced the formation of their first official fan club, Smells Like Teen Spirits.

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BiSH’s ‘Orchestra’ MV Is Here and It Is Glorious

They made me do it!* BiSH, hot off the one-day, cheap-AF pre-release of KiLLER BiSH on iTunes, just released their first music video to promote the album, and it is a stunner, a tale of young forbidden love.

That’s “Orchestra” (“オーケストラ”), a song I left out of my review because it didn’t have a nice place to fit — it’s a very nice song, and in that mold of label-friendly-but-still-BiSH-enough songs that they’ve basically being doing since the “OTNK” single.

Between this and the previews they published the other day, if you haven’t had a chance to hear KiLLER BiSH yet, are you yet convinced that you should get it on the official release date? You should be.

*I made it three full days and about seven hours on the #BiXchallenge. According to a very generalized look back at Facebook, I’ve gone as long as nine full days without mentioning any BiX constituents, which may or may not be actually true because I wasn’t counting mentions in other posts. I am apparently a hopeless fanboy and owe Kris Hostead a Coke.

I Review Things: BiSH | “KiLLER BiSH”

Cover art for Japanese idolcore group BiSH's

For all of the chaotic good news surrounding the return of BiS to actual existence, the first major-label release of their official successor, BiSH, almost managed to fly under the radar. Hell, even the introduction (and subsequent Internet love-in) of Ayuni D seems to have gotten more hype. And the one-day bonus sale pre-release of KiLLER BiSH actually garnered complaints from people — I’ve seen everything from “it’s a cheap stunt” to “why are you such a rip-off, Watanabe?” — and warranted official replies from BiSH on Twitter.

I hope everybody has a chance to clear their heads and shut up for a second so they can listen to this album. (Also, the lyrics are available here if you can Japanese.)

It’s BiSH’s third full album release, all in a span of roughly 16 months (insane), which also includes the “OTNK” and “DEADMAN” singles, which is remarkable; considering that they tour pretty much constantly, it’s almost impossible in fact. For the sheer number of songs now in their discography, plus the schedule and move to a major label, one could be forgiven for thinking that they’d be toning it down. The same was expressed around “DEADMAN,” for which “toned down” is not something you’d use as a description. But this is an album, a major investment by a label that knows what it’s doing.

Basically, did KiLLER BiSH deliberately get a little lost in the shuffle? Or is it delivering on BiSH’s burgeoning promise?


It’s a “KILLER BiSH” Virtual Release Party!

Until just a few days ago, the WACK world was BiSH’s oyster — big national tour, major label debut any day now, new member that people are completely and stupidly in love with, etc. It’s not their fault that their inspiration/spiritual foremother suddenly came back to life and took over the world.

BiSH did have time to let everybody know that hi our album’s still coming out and it’s still going to be pretty great and hey it’s even going to be available via a very cheap download, and would you please do that? To help drive the point home, they’re having something of a live Twitter release party (in like 90 minutes, so get ready) and have released teasers of all of the tracks from KILLER BiSH:

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‘KILLER BiSH’ Will Be Pre-released on iTunes

At this point, any cryptic overnight tweets from any WACK artist about news coming at a particular time in the very near future should be taken with a mix of awe of dread. Such was my response to seeing BiSH send out a note that news was coming at 20:00 JST.

“Something’s fishy,” I thought. The BiS audition finals timing, the Billie Idle turnover … too much potential for something malign to be in the cards (“Aina the End has been traded for Maina the End!” was very possible).

But nope! Just good news!

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Update on BiSH’s Major Label Debut

It’s not much, and the BiSHoverse is mostly just rampaging through photos and this new interview of new member Ayuni D, but BiSH tweeted out release details and art for their Avex Trax debut:

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