Update on BiSH’s Major Label Debut

It’s not much, and the BiSHoverse is mostly just rampaging through photos and this new interview of new member Ayuni D, but BiSH tweeted out release details and art for their Avex Trax debut:

It’ll be an album, it’ll be called KiLLER BiSH, and it’ll be released on Oct. 5. The website has more info about a deluxe edition that will have a DVD of BiSH Cannonball and the recording of an MV and something called “lute” right out there in English and I have no idea what that means.

But can we talk about that art for a second? Aina is always kind of the show-stealer in these things (see the Less Than Sex promo art), but Chitti looks like absolute serious business, Ayuni is taking a page out of DISDOL Yui’s playbook and Momoko’s punk-goth-clown-with-a-.45 thing is out of control.

12 thoughts on “Update on BiSH’s Major Label Debut

  1. Ayuni is even smaller than Momoko! (or at least smaller than Momoko in human form). I wonder what her persona’s like! Currently we’ve got:
    Aina: raspy, overt
    Chitti: dimples
    LingLing: private lunatic
    Momoko: public lunatic
    Atsuko: new Hugmii (formerly “glasses”)

    *Doing some Eckart-Tolle-style manifesting for a Lurkette translation the Ayuni interview*

    • I wonder what she sounds like. They were a little cockeyed voice-wise until the expansion to six gave Aina a Junior to pair off with, but Hug Me was the closest they had to match with Chitti. I’m okay with the Captain existing as a perfect, special snowflake, but it’d be good for the group to introduce either somebody else in her range or with her kind of tone, or, like, a baritone.

  2. I would guess ‘lute’ has something to do with the video production company who have made Nature Danger Gang MVs and put stuff up on YouTube e.g. this interview with people behind YMM, Bellring, Necronomidol etc. http://youtu.be/rGrwDQNn5H4

  3. Ayuni D’s premiere! She performs the encore set with the girls. Apparently the “D” is for Dainamaito (dynamite) lol. Her voice is kind of like the in-between of Chitti’s high and Aina’s low if that makes sense. Calm, smooth. Not as denpa sounding as LingLing. The sound tech had some trouble with her mic a couple times. She seemed a bit nervous kind of how LingLing was at first but this was her first appearance. The audience cheered when she first walked out and when she sang her first line. It was fun to watch. She is really cute. I’m sure she will do great with BiSH.


  4. https://youtu.be/_kFdmjF4Hpc?t=1h12m5s

    Also a Video of her getting on stage for the first time.

    She made a couple of mistakes in her choreo, which makes her seem even cuter.

    I also love how the crowd cheers for her.

    When she introduced herself, she somewhat said that she’s the cute little sister of the group, which upset ChiChi a lil bit, haha.

    I think this image fit’s her really well.

    Now i got a cool Aina to cheer for and a cute little sister, haha.

  5. I got what I could out of that interview with Ayuni via translate, and a fellow in an FB group I’m in gave a quick overview of what she said, and I’m just completely won over. I can’t wait to see her progression with this journey she’s on!

    In a quick summation, (Please bear mind that I could have mis-read something or misunderstood something.) Ayuni is not a city girl by any means and appears to be from a rural area, not sure where. Her background is totally blue collar. She went to a technical school, not a university, and picked up a trade. She’s licensed in high-level hazardous waste disposal. BiSH fans are sometimes called “Garbage Men”, and she is quite literally a specialized garbage person in a sense. She worked part-time at a gas station and only occasionally daydreamed of anything showbiz related. She says she’s a fan of “Shiorin” (Shiori Tamai of Momoiro Clover Z I think?)

    So what we have here is a hard-working, small town blue-collar young lady who’s trained to handle hazardous waste getting an amazing chance at something huge. I think she’s full of awesomeness and I’m totally backing her 200% now. Ayuni is going to ROCK, and SHINE, I just know it!!!!

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