It’s a “KILLER BiSH” Virtual Release Party!

Until just a few days ago, the WACK world was BiSH’s oyster — big national tour, major label debut any day now, new member that people are completely and stupidly in love with, etc. It’s not their fault that their inspiration/spiritual foremother suddenly came back to life and took over the world.

BiSH did have time to let everybody know that hi our album’s still coming out and it’s still going to be pretty great and hey it’s even going to be available via a very cheap download, and would you please do that? To help drive the point home, they’re having something of a live Twitter release party (in like 90 minutes, so get ready) and have released teasers of all of the tracks from KILLER BiSH:

Quick thoughts!

  1. “summertime” is in English, eh?
  2. I feel like I’ve been waiting for “Throw Away” my entire life
  3. A little disappointed that “IDOL is SHiT” sounds kind of standard-issue no matter how good that standard is

And many more to come, no doubt!