It’s Just a BiS/H Week Now: Read Ayuni D’s Intro Interview

Between the BiS return spawning Know Your BiStory and successor-turned-sister group BiSH having a big free live that they streamed online and had pop up on YouTube mere hours after the fact, it was probably silly to think that this would somehow not be like that big FAKE METAL JACKET release week earlier in the year; it’s a WACK world, and we’re just living in it.

But Ayuni D (DY-NO-MITE!) has probably been the fandom’s biggest target of attention of all. Who is this demure new person in Hug Me‘s old position, what is she about, why does she look like somebody you might have known growing up, etc.? This interview rapidly made the rounds when she debuted, but it’s, you know, in Japanese. What if it were in English?

What if indeed!

I got a call from a number I didn’t know when I was in class, so I googled it and Watanabe popped up. After school I called him back and I started shaking when he told me, “I want you to be in BiSH.” I told my sister the news on LINE and she was shocked and said, “Aaaah! Hurry up and come home!” I cried when I got back. When I told my mom she said, “They really wanted someone like you?!”

Read the whole thing. If you’re from some nowhere place and had a nowhere life doing HAZMAT ahead of you and decided to take a spur-of-the-moment chance and had a combination of dumb luck and that special something work out for you … you’ll like Ayuni a lot.

H/t @supremenothing for the link!

2 thoughts on “It’s Just a BiS/H Week Now: Read Ayuni D’s Intro Interview

  1. I like Ayuni D. She’s dynamite and she’s highly skilled in handling gasoline and other flammables. Hmm something tells me we gotta watch this one. There’s definitely more to that cute quiet girl.

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