You Too Can Smell Like Teen Spirit for an Annual Fee

In celebration of the release of the (excellent) KiLLER BiSH first major-label album, BiSH has announced the formation of their first official fan club, Smells Like Teen Spirits.

As a big BiSH fan, of course I am interested! What ever does this incredible opportunity entail?

Why, for just roughly $65 U.S. annually, I can get a whole bunch of things that are basically inaccessible to a person who isn’t in Japan! That’s sucky. The various benefits, the pre-booked shows and limited edition merch and web stuff and events and even the damn membership card, that’s all great stuff if you can actually get to it, but considering that BiSH still doesn’t accept international credit cards for merchandise (there are ways around this, but still), boo hiss. Though I’m sure that getting into their by-now-inevitable show at Budokan will be all but impossible unless you’re a member …

Also, I know what you’re trying to do with that name, BiSH, and I’m not sure that it’s working for you. You should’ve stuck with the Garbagemen motif.

Enrollment opens Saturday.

2 thoughts on “You Too Can Smell Like Teen Spirit for an Annual Fee

  1. BiSH doesn’t really have any gaijin-friendly fan outreach right now, but at least Junnosuke’s Instagram is mostly English. He tagged a photo of Pour Lui as “my wife,” and a group photo of BiS as “my sons” … so, there’s that.
    I didn’t expect to be able to join the fan club, but I was hoping there would be a chance that Killer Bish would show up on non-itunes digital retailers here in Canada today. Of course signing with a major label makes your work HARDER to get.

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