This Is Certainly a Little Troubling

Doop-dee-doop, surfing around through Twitter … hello, what’s this?

Why, it’s high school idols in corpse paint playing with the tools of suicide! How uplifting!

Say hello to Naniwa Six Immortals of Poetry, or Naniwa Rokkasen, as they like to be called. This song is from their first single, “Don’t Die!,” which is coming up at the end of the month. How fitting! I mean, overall, the song and video aren’t nearly as bleak as things start off, but it definitely has that “I kill” feel to it, with the excluded girl still harboring some ill feelings. It’s a song with a message.

This is another fairly new unit, in this case from Osaka, existing going back to April or so, and this is the first good look at their music. Their YouTube channel otherwise has a bunch of intro stuff, as one might expect. And this little PV that sort of highlights a punk-based sound, otherwise known as the most normal thing for idols going rock to do these days.

Here’s a live set, and of course it includes “nerve” because, as I will forever remind people, if you’re new and want to make it abundantly clear which side of the idol divide you fall on, you do “nerve.”

And, from the audience reaction, you can see why

Anyway, another one to put on your radar. Osaka’s got this nice, burgeoning local scene anymore, and it’s be cool if more of these projects could follow PassCode’s lead and break into the big leagues.

This is where I’d ordinarily wish you a lovely Sunday, but screw that. I spent somewhere around 11 hours driving yesterday and I’m sore and cranky and have a whole mess of work to do. I HOPE YOUR SUNDAY SUCKS.

j/k have a fun one!