Let the darkness overwhelm you.

I still remember the first time I experienced Necronomidol (Necroma, as is easier to type). It was maybe a month or so after the Babymetal Incident, and Little Brother and I had been on a discovery mission within the Japanese idol world. He passed along the link to the “Vulture” video …

It’s a good tune! Creepy, a little menacing, with a video that emphasizes a DIY commitment to discomfiture.

I liked Necroma from the jump. In every moment of their existence, they’ve carved out a very unique space for themselves, partly just as one of the more fascinating groups in the underground idol scene, but as one of the more accessible (and, weirdly, relatable) idol groups in the underground idol scene. It does help that their manager, Ricky Wilson, is an American who hasn’t been shy about connecting with international fans.

I feel a little badly that I don’t have a whole lot to write about them; unlike BiS, who are widely covered in English after the fact, and Babymetal, who are a worldwide thing now, Necroma’s still on the way up. They did get this cool spot in HuffPo, and here are some other articles to help you learn more:

Acknowledging that, though, they’re easily one of the most fun groups to observe from afar. We like them on this site.

What they sound like

The most common term that I’ve seen to describe their sound is “darkwave,” which is pretty much on point: Combine New Wave with black metal with shoegaze and, hell, a little ol’ fashioned NWOBHM, and you have this synth-heavy, brooding, pregnant sound. The further along their career goes, the more chances are taken with their sound, too.

You’ll like them if

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of comparisons that fit Necroma. They’re a little all over the place. And if I say Vampilia, does that even matter all that much to this audience? I guess you’ll like them if you like old Nine Inch Nails but always wished that Trent would tone it down a little bit and get funky. Or maybe you’re really into Lush but wanted them to do metal covers?

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

Vulture, and:


Risaki Kakizaki (leader)
Kakizaki Risaki of black metal darkwave idol group Necronomidol
Sari of black metal darkwave idol group Necronomidol
Tsukumo Hotaru
Tsukumo Hotaru of black metal darkwave idol group Necronomidol
Yotsuyu Hina
Yotsuyu Hina of black metal darkwave idol group Necronomidol
Kusaka Karen
Kusaka Karen of black metal darkwave idol group Necronomidol


“Ikotsu Moufubuki” (single)
“Reikon Shoumetsu” (single)
“Etranger” (single)
“Exitium” (single)
NEMESIS (album)
from chaos born (EP)

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