BiS Kokugikan Documentary Available, and Help Choose the Next Project

Our friend boans added in the forums the other day that the BiS documentary we may have helped crowdfund has been subtitled and is ready for your eyes.*

Our crowdfunded English fansubs for BiS Road to Budokan: Kokugikan are officially ready for public consumption!

The link to the most up-to-date public release will always be here on GitHub.

You can probably right-click and save from that link, or you can download it in a zip from the GitHub repo here.

I believe the subtitles are ready for everyone to check out and share around, but you can still contribute edits and improvements at any time!

Thanks again to the donors who made it happen, and fishpockets from JPS in particular who did basically all of the timing!

The one that lives in a trash can

And now that that project is out of the way, boans has asked for input on which might be the next of these projects:

Why “both” isn’t an option is criminal.

*”But Maniac, isn’t sharing this against the Rules?” Great question! I ultimately fell back on what I’ll call the Malone Corollary: Translation projects do sit in a murky area, but something like this — either you weren’t going to buy it for various reasons, or you will anyway because you want it — is, I think, acceptable.

8 thoughts on “BiS Kokugikan Documentary Available, and Help Choose the Next Project

  1. Yeah, re: copyright grey area, I understand fan subs aren’t exactly *cool* with rights holders, which is why the project description on GitHub and GoFundMe were fairly terse. But but all intents and purposes, we’re not sharing the actual documentary, just the subtitles. Everyone already owns the DVD, right? How you obtain the documentary itself is out of my hands 😉

    As for the “both” option, I definitely intend to do both if somebody else doesn’t take up the mantle. It’s only realistic to focus on one at a time, though!

      • I’ve already said too much! Notice I’m even nervous about saying what JPS stands for… “Japanese product store,” of course.

        Thanks for featuring it on your blog! I’ll let you know when the next project starts happening.
        The Ylmlm movie has my vote as well, but I don’t know why. If they’re both low-budget B-movies, I bet BRGH is more fun to watch goofing around. Maybe I’m fooling myself into thinking there’s a chance the Ylmlm movie will actually be good!

        Once you hit 50,000 readers, we can start fundraising for the BiS Cannonball Run film 😛

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