The Party Your Parents Told You Not to Go To: GARURURU

In what feels like the result of a weeknight community college seminar on “Current Trends in Idol Examined,” via Pure Idol Heart, meet GARURURU (Twitter):

Feel free to explore the first song on your own. I’m not skipping it because there’s anything wrong with it — it’s fine, unexceptional house kind of stuff — but because the meat is “Where Is Love” and the borrowing of some digital hardcore moves from PassCode who seem to have left some stuff behind when they went on tour.

Here’s a clip of GARURURU’s debut live:

I have this thing lately where it seems like the way idols describe their music and look just keeps getting more ridiculous and less grounded in reality. GARURURU’s claim to be “broken …” (okay) “… psychedelic …” (oh, Neurosis wouldn’t approve of that) “… pop” (just no) doesn’t make any damn sense, so I’m glad that we can keep this thing going an eventually get to the junior melodeath unit that describes themselves as “emotional popcore.”

Anyway. Welcome to the club, group whose name sounds like a bad Scooby Doo impersonation.