Let’s Fund a Bellring Girls Heart Translation

I know, I know, you all aren’t as WOO THEY’RE SO WEIRD AND AMAZING as I am, but this is a unique opportunity to crowdfund (independently of other action, btw) a translation of Bellring Girls Heart’s Sixth Dimension film. The subtitles become a free download in the end, and knowing where/how to get the film requires only a small amount of poking, and then, well, you get to enjoy the results in full.

Here’s the trailer, just to give you an idea of what you’re looking at:

Do it.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Fund a Bellring Girls Heart Translation

  1. First thing: Bellha is the best idol group around!
    Second: There should be already subtitles for it, as in 2015 the movie was shown in an Japanese Film Festival in Hamburg, Germany – with english subs.
    Third: Read this post too late to donate money 🙁
    Fourth: The movie is very pythonesque and I still can’t figure it out.
    Fifth: Have I already mentioned that Bellha is great?

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