The Rules

By using, you come under the auspices of these rules. They are meant to give everybody a chance to be heard. Should the rules be broken either grossly or repeatedly, the Banhammer is your consequence.

  1. This is a site for the celebration and proliferation of homicidols and their music. Discussion is encouraged, but please keep it on-topic. In a manner similar to Deadspin’s DUAN, free-for-all threads may be introduced, but the rest of the rules will still apply therein.
  2. No racism. Westerners, particularly North Americans, have always had a difficult time relating to Japanese people, be it due to physical, cultural or political differences. Acknowledging certain of those differences (“this thing that I don’t understand about Japanese food”) is perfectly fine; the way that those things are discussed (“HARF HARF JAP GIRLS HAVE SLANTY EYES”) or, very often worse, objectified will be very closely monitored.
  3. No sexism. While we live in a racist society and it’s possible for a person to not know what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of discussion about different cultures, everybody on the planet knows women and probably interacts with them regularly. If you aren’t able to respectfully discuss particular women as human beings who are also performing artists and who have thoughts and feelings and stuff that are completely independent of you, the Banhammer will come down.
    1. No gross sexual objectification. It’s perfectly acceptable to be attracted to an idol, even an alt-idol. It’s perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that publicly as long as you aren’t creepy about it. It’s even acceptable to point out that so-and-so is “sexy,” as that’s usually a deliberate move on the part of the person being called sexy. It is not, however, acceptable to have that as the focal point of discussion about a person; on the flip side, there is to be no criticism of idols who don’t meet your particular notion of attractive, sexy, kawaii, etc.
  4. No abuse. Disagree, please. Hell, disagree with me. It’s hard to have good discussion if everybody always agrees with everything. But any threatening, demeaning or ad hominem language will lead to the Banhammer.
    1. Ijime, dame, zettai. As a corollary to the above, this site will not be a platform for people to be attacked or put down. If you can’t have vehement disagreements without acting like lower primates, not only do you not belong on this site, but you should probably go back to school and learn how to express your thoughts appropriately, or see a professional who can help you with your self-esteem issues.
  5. No homophobia or other anti-LGBTQ bigotry. While this rule begins with respect for the homicidols, respect for others who visit this site is just as important. Not only is another person’s sexuality or gender identity none of your business without permission, but, again, basic interpersonal respect must be adhered to.
  6. No historically inappropriate jokes. Be funny. Seriously. Humor is good. You don’t, however, need to joke about nuclear weapons, sneak attacks, death marches, internment camps and so on to be funny. The Banhammer will be swift if the ridiculous violence and suffering of the past is exploited for your giggles.
  7. You don’t have to like it. I don’t mean the rules (but, also, the rules); I mean the music. Maybe Idol Group Y isn’t your cup of tea. Great. Feel free to say so. Also feel free to not waste your and other people’s time by railing against performers who are just trying to put on a show or, worse, against the people who like it. The international scene is littered with people who love the whole idol concept and put a ton of heart and passion and work into their own interpretation of it … and then completely suck on stage. Oh well.
  8. Nobody is perfect. That goes for me, and it goes for you. Get used to having people think you’re wrong, because you very well may be. Simply having people disagree with your opinion does not mean that you’re under attack. There are obviously rules about engagement, and you can complain about behavior directed your way, but don’t expect that the act of complaining in and of itself validates the notion that the person being complained about is, in fact, breaking any rules or behaving inappropriately.
  9. You are good and cool. You are! You came here because you’re interested in homicidols and their music, maybe even if you didn’t realize that’s what you were doing. Fantastic. You are a person that I want to talk to. Let’s be friends, and let’s include everybody who wants to be friends with us. It’s a website, not a marriage.
  10. There needs to be a 10th rule, so … there is to be no terrible genre misidentification here. There won’t be any consequences if you call a hardcore track a metal track, but your mistake will be ridiculed, you n00b.
    1. And on that note: Not all idol metal groups need to be viewed through a Babymetal prism; similarly, doing punk or hardcore does not mean that the group needs to be compared to BiS. Both of the aforementioned are incredibly important not only to the growth of this music, but to broader idol culture as well; they are not, however, the be-all end-all, and one of them doesn’t even exist anymore.
    2. And to kind of build on both of those … look, Babymetal in particular opened up a lot of non-Japanese people to idol, but a lot of Babymetal’s fans are neither J-pop nor metal fans outside of Babymetal (though they’re growing), so there’s a limited frame of reference, and any electric guitar with a distortion pedal is going to sound “metal” because they don’t know any better. So to those of us who are more well-versed across the board and know the difference: Be polite. I mean, make fun of the n00by n00bs for being such n00bs, but do it in good faith and a spirit of helpfulness.
      1. Unforgivable, though, will be any misidentification of digital vocal manipulation as autotune. Much like how all Amish are Mennonites but not all Mennonites are Amish, autotune is a very specific thing. Listen to T-Pain for examples. And then go familiarize yourself with vocaloid and come back and try again.
  11. And because we have forums now, and these rules apply there, this rule super-extra applies: No file sharing. Posting links to shared or otherwise not copyright-enforced content is fine, but no downloads or streams (except what is shared publicly  or the like.

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