Reader’s Best – The Final Chapter: Dave & Roy’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

We did it! We have reached the last stop on our journey through the readers of Homicidols picks for the best idol songs in all of recorded history.   Thank you again to everyone who participated. Since I love data (my favorite computer game is MS Excel), I have commingled everyone’s submissions into a single, monstrous data set and subjected it to proper statistical analysis. I will present the results of that post mortem later.

Before then, please enjoy our final Top Ten lists as curated by Dave and Roy.  Not only have they collaboratively compiled 20 legendary tracks for us to go out on, but they somehow conspired to put the cap on all of our communal efforts with a double-shot of Pour Lui in the final #1 spot.

Dave and Roy’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs

10.Dave: FEMM – White Noise

I don’t particularly like a lot of their stuff, but this a great tune. If more modern pop music was like this, the world would be a much better place.

Roy: Bellring Girls Heart – c.a.n.d.y.

“C.a.n.d.y.” interpolates Blur’s “Song 2” and elevates it to another level. It’s such a great song full of energy.


The high point of the never-ending Necroma roller-coaster

Roy: GANG PARADE – Iminai uta

One of my friends introduced me to GP with this song and I became a fan instantly. The gang is singing this meaningless song about meaningless things and having fun over this harsh noisy song… what’s not to like. If you get it you get it, if you don’t you don’t.

8. Dave: BiSH – SMACK baby SMACK

Back in the days when I knew even less about this idol stuff than the little I know now, I stuck on a pair of headphones in Tower Records Shibuya and shuffled through a few tracks and landed on this! BOOM!


It’s an addicting song, the mix between trance music and rock guitars is crazy but it’s an unexpectedly good combination.

7. Dave: Babymetal – Headbangeeeerrrr!!!

Where it all started for me…


One of the rawest songs WACK has released, sonically and lyrically, I just love how much emotion ASP put into singing this. Also the music video is Oscar worthy.

6. Dave: BiS – BiSimulation

I always found BiS a bit too inconsistent to really get into. I wish they’d done/do more like this, straight up punky but with a great tune.

Roy: Hamidasystem – Kogarete Planet

This electronic trance song is about longing for someone’s love and wanting to reach them, and the lyrics compare it to an asteroid entering the atmosphere and hitting the surface of a planet. I think it’s pretty poetic. The build up of the instrumental bridge to the last chorus is INSANE.

5. Dave: Screaming Sixties – Zekkyou Judgement

[Daemon: Tragically, very little of the Screaming 60s amazing discography is online, but this track is number 11 in the below digest of their first-and-only full album.] 

The first gig I went to in Japan was the Screaming Heana Cat in Kobe in the summer of 2018. They were an awesome live act by that stage and this was my highlight.

Roy: BiS – primal.

A classic rock anthem in idol history by the anti-idol queens. This song and that guitar riff are iconic, nothing else to say.

4. Dave: KAQRIYOTERROR – Avant-gardE

Apparently this was my most listened song on Spotify in 2021, which surprised me a bit.

Roy: BiSH – Am I FRENZY?

The sheer rawness of “Am i FRENZY” is just unmatched. Ling Ling’s raw and visceral screams as she sings the chorus, the anger in the lyrics and the crazy punk sound. Ling Ling absolutely slayed that song.

3. Dave: PassCode – Untill The Dawn

It took me quite a while to really #get# PassCode. I bought Ex Libris PassCode because…I’m not too sure why to be honest 🙂 but I listened to it on the train to work a few times and this was the song that really connected. I was so happy that they played it when I saw them at Studio Coast.

Roy: KOTO – Platonic Planet

KOTO laced this with CRACK because this song is addictive. From the first second she attacks you with this high-energy retro inspired electropop song, catchy melodies and charming vocals and you can’t get enough of it. I remember discovering the Platonic Planet in my first year of university and loving the album.

2. Dave: BURST GIRL – Gishiki

It’s BURST GIRL…Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!! When I saw the tweet announcing they were splitting up I felt like someone had kicked me in the guts.

Roy: Maison book girl – Yume

Bukuga carved their own niche with a unique sound and cryptic lyrics produced by Sakurai Kenta. It’s hard to choose my favorite bukuga song when all their releases are so consistently amazing, but “Yume” is special. It’s a dreamy song that includes the brain scans of the members as part of the song. Which idol group has gone that far for their art? Not many probably. This song makes you feel like you’re lost in a dream wandering, looking for something. Their music really hit that spot of melancholic music I love.

1. Dave: PIGGS – Visitor

I saw a comment (possibly on this site) that for a few years everyone had smiled politely and nodded at anything new from Pour Lui but that PIGGS was a real return to form. Absolutely! I loved three or four tracks on Hallo PIGGS, but this is an absolute stonker, as are the other two songs on the single, “Piggy” and “Link Emotion”.

Roy: BiS – STUPiG

This songs absolutely blew my mind when I first listened to it. The mix between the glitchy digital hardcore sound and the pop chorus was crazy, but it worked. You can sense the intense feeling of anxiety and uncertainty of BiS in the noisy production as well as in the voice of the members. I’ll never get tired of this song.