Your Homicidols Weekender #314

Over here in the US of A it’s the Thanksgiving holiday; that special time of year when we briefly lay down our assault rifles in order to stuff ourselves full of even more high caloric food than usual. Once we awaken from our food comas, we then consecrate the celebration through our indigenous shopping ritual, Black Friday. Usually, this season of unbridled consumption is only good for acquiring some heartburn and a mediocre deal on some clothing or electronics. This year, however, the idol gods decided to toss some offerings our way.

First up, Black Friday bought us word that Tokyo Psychopath will be making their US debut next Memorial Day weekend at Saboten Con ’23.

You can snag your Con badge now through November 29th for a special, low Black Friday price.  Our friends over at Chaotic Harmony are not only responsible for luring our favorite fashion punk unit to US shores, but they are also offering 25% off of their idol (and VKei) merch through midnight on Monday. 

Let’s hope that Idol Thanksgiving becomes an annual thing. Now it’s time to hit the treadmill while we review the other idol happenings from this blessed week.

After concentrating on solo projects for most of the year, Cinema & Boy CQ are back with the release of this blockbuster.

We will not shut up about HUSH HUSH.

It’s XTEEN in clothing provided  by our old friend SENANAN.

Friend of Homicidols, Beyond Senpai, interviewed the newest member of Satanic Punish.

One of the contenders for Best New Unit of 2022, airattic makes their case.

NEKIRU finally make their triumphant return as a three-piece with new members Rimi and Miro joining their fearless leader Soha. Look forward to a new EP from them in the very near future.

From South Korea to Vietnam: END OF IDOL give us an extended sneak peak at their next single.

We now come to the NELN portion of our weekender. The have ben dropping a lot of PVs lately, like this one:

NELN also dropped an extraordinary new EP along with a re-recording of their classic debut album featuring their new three-member system.

Over of the Homicidols Discord server, Carrythezero suggested that we listen to TheWORLD. I can second the recommendation.

DIABLEVOIX has released her new album on streaming.


≠ME has had the same12 members for almost three years. That’s got to be a world idol record of something.

Ziensa always shares the most interesting stuff with the Over of the Homicidols Discord server. This week they unearthed this intriguing new future bass unit that just debuted last week: mellow life

Qppo has a new EP out.


Oshiloss Corner

YUiNA EMPiRE (former EMPiRE, BiS, Carry Loose and WAgg) announced that she is finally leaving WACK.  Shortly after, it was announced that all WAgg members’ contracts had been terminated or allowed to expire.

SIPP has announced that they will disband at their second anniversary live in March.

Kankaku Logic is going on hiatus.

Oshifound Corner

Amino Coromi (ex. The Grateful a MogAAAz and MELON BATAKE A GO GO) got married.

Moso Calibration has rebooted as Kuuso Calibration.

Manami from sitausion appears in this ayutthaya MV for 

Have a Good Weekend!!