Your Homicidols Weekender #311

While it feels like this was a slow idol week, it’s just illusion. Sure, not much was released the last few days but that’s just because the idol world was recovering from Halloween, one of the biggest holidays on the idol calendar. A week’s worth of new material got dropped last Sunday and Monday, and then everyone retired to spend the rest of the week in recovery. 

As proof, here’s a quick retrospective on the week that was:

BPM15Q rocked Atlanta.

JIEMEI, one of our potential nominees for Best New Unit, makes their case.

The highlight of this PV comes at approximately 32:00 when 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san joins Satanic Punish onstage for a live collaboration.

ATARSHII GAKKO inexplicably passed up a golden opportunity for a similar collaboration. 

Speaking of collaborations, we almost overlooked this joint single from MAD JAMIE, Caress Van End and Kimiiro Project.


SHIMMER SHRIMPMER, our favorite Thai shoegaze unit, put out a Halloween track.

Another of our overseas favorites, the goddesses of Erisu, gifted us an extended PV.

THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY GO ROUND also handed out some candy for Halloween.

This AIBECK live looked like a great time.

Broken by the Scream has signed with Western distributor, JPU Records.

Chiaki Mayumura is a treasure.

BILGERVTI posted this new album by Menace9 over on the Homicidols’ Discord server. I don’t know if it’s idol, but it’s good.

Devil ANTHEM. says love is serious business.

Experimental theater unit Misolade Edison dropped a new mini album.

MY FAIR GIRL, a unit on MISSEMILY’s label, just celebrated their one year anniversary. 

OMNI666 appropriately picked Halloween as the release date for their new single, “Hell Festival”


 Oshiloss Corner

First Beni, then Dekami-chan, and now Mashiko is leaving APOKALIPPPS. It’s almost like one of those things… when the world comes to an end… what’s the word?

Anna Fujishiro (ex. CY8ER) got hitched.

NEMURIORCA is ending their current system. 

One of the best new units of the year, Buddha TOKYO, is rebooting their system as well.

Over on the Homicidols’ Discord server, melly dropped a timely notice for any fans of Kindan no Kasuketsu (former unit of Brazil, Karen Aizome and many more): this compilation of early, unreleased songs and remixes is now available. 

Oshifound Corner

Uijin is back and have already dropped a new song.

Have a Good Weekend!