Reader’s Best: Apfelcracker, Eric and FKP’s Top Ten Favorite Idol Songs of All Time

Welcome to November, and the home stretch of the Reader’s Best series featuring our first triple-shot of top ten lists. That means that this installment features 30 tracks of idol fire curated by Apfelracker, Eric Sutherland and FKP. There are a lot of affinities between this trio (and a lot of Oyasumi Hologram) and their picks run the gamut, from the early years of vintage alt-idol right up to songs released this calendar year. They also include the first two tunes by SIPP to grace our exercise in idol excellence, so you know they are after my heart.

Let’s Go!!

Apfelcracker, Eric and FKP’s 10 Favorite Idol Songs

10. Apfelracker: SIPP – Dawn

Instrumental and vocals are just great!

Eric: Inuwasi – Axenxion

Big group, many voices, hits hard; peak alt idol.

FKP: Oyasumi Hologram – Hole of my underground (BAND DEMO vol.2 version)

I like it 🙂

9. Apfelracker: Yanakoto Sotto Mute – Lily

Could as well be one of the best songs ever!

Eric: Malcolm Mask McLaren – Darlin

Hard working idols, sounds great live. Fun and bright.

FKP: You’ll Melt More – Hamidasumo! (Heaven&Hell Remix)

I like it 🙂

8. Apfelracker: BiSH – Giant Killers

Those gang vocals always send chills down my spine!

Eric: Dai Dai Dai – ZZ Allin

Very odd and kinetic; pushes the boundary of what idol can be. Best enjoyed with the video in a dark room.

FKP: SARI – Paraiso

I like it 🙂

7. Apfelracker: BiSH – MONSTERS (both Versions)

One of the best metalcore idol songs out there. And those vocals. Damn.

Eric: SIPP – Memories

Gentle start then four minutes of crescendos.

FKP: Oyasumi Hologram – OYASUMI FOREVER

I like it 🙂

6. Apfelracker: Mameshiba no Taigun – Put your Hands up

Scrambles at their finest, and Mame mame mamema!

Eric: Yukueshirezutsurezure – Wish/

It could be a number of their songs here, but I just think their voices sound great together in this one.

FKP: Yukueshirezutsurezure – Ideology

I like it 🙂

5. Apfelracker: Mameshiba no Taigun – DEAD INSIDE

Same as before: Scrambles goodness and mame mame I need to stop 😉


My favorite iteration of BiS (I know, heresy); sweaty, barely controlled power.


I like it 🙂

4. Apfelracker: PIGGS – Love Cats

Well, I could have taken any PIGGS song, so I thought I would take one ballad and one hard song. “Love Cats” is one of the sweetest songs, both instrumentals and vocals.

Eric: Minna no Kodomochan – Futari wa Nakayoshi

Great balance of dark and light. And the ‘walls’ are cool.

FKP: Oyasumi Hologram – Neuromancer

I feel this is their “main” song.

3. Apfelracker: PIGGS – Piggy

I mean, Nine Inch Nails-style industrial and Idol. What a friggin’ track! Stuck in my head for months!

Eric: BABYMETAL – Road of Resistance

Not even my favorite BM song but it makes grown men and women cry.

FKP: Oyasumi Hologram – Way Home

The most raw and emotional Oyasumi Hologram song.

2. Apfelracker: BiS (1st Generation) – BiS


Well, same as with PIGGS for me, any song on the first three albums could be on here. This is one of the most important alternative idol songs for me, and one of the first I ever heard. Still holds up. Everytime.

Eric: KAQRIYOTERROR – Full Time Drive

A perfect song with a little of everything with an oversaturated video about gardens, and eating bread.

FKP: You’ll Melt More – SWEET ESCAPE

At over ten minutes, this is one of the few songs I’ve ever heard that has no points that make me think: this part could be slightly improved upon. It is essentially perfect.

This song is a remake/re-interpretation of NEU! – Hallogallo, but it’s better than the original IMO — which is already a great song, in the first place.

1. Apfelracker: BiS (1St Generation) – BLEW

Best Alternative Idol Album Ever. Period. At least for me. The whole album is just God. Could have picked any of the songs, but somehow “BLEW” just encapsulates the feeling that alternative idol gives me in its best moments. Love you Puu-Chan!

Eric: RAY – Fading Lights

It is buoyant and dreamy and just a great song. It was released in the height of COVID and it seemed to me like a soundtrack for a better future.

FKP: Oyasumi Hologram – Empty Page

This song has a special meaning because it is not only what got me into alternative idols, it is what got me into my favorite group/music act ever. Not only does it have emotional value, it is one of the absolutely best songs I’ve ever heard.

The off-key, pitchy singing of Hachigatsu-chan and Kanamil makes all of their songs sound more raw and their emotions more real. What would be a downside for many listeners is only a positive trait as I see it.