Your Homicidols Weekender #313

I hate going Weekender to Weekender with no other new posts on Ye’ Olde Blog, but this week was a congruence of mad happenings and distractions. It’s not for lack of trying: if you could see the post queue, there are two half-written pieces that didn’t quite make it out, plus there was another sad event that I wanted to write about, but, see aforementioned madness.

In additional to localized craziness, there was plenty happening in the alt-idol world, from new drops from A-listers to some unfortunate transphobia from Z-listers. And while all that is going on, Twitter may be falling apart. Since we get most of our traffic from there, I’m expecting to receive an invoice from Elon any minute now.

So while I take a moment to catch some deep breaths, here’s what happened this week:

This is the best thing PIGGS has done all year.  Plus it features cameos from Saki Kamiya (ex. GANG PARADE & BiS), Mani Mamiya (ex. Yanakoto Sotto Mute), and others.

Here’s a new song by this group called BABYMETAL. I hear they’re pretty good.

Everyone’s favorite new punk unit, HUSH HUSH, just added two new members and then dropped an MV.

BiSH is over.

situasion, who will likely be nominated in almost every major Best of the Year category for 2022, dropped an amazing new concept EP called APUTASION. I especially recommend it for fans of DAIDAIDAI and/or Kraftwerk. Here’s one of the more intriguing tracks.

Speaking of Best of the Year contenders, C.LiTZ, one our nominees for Best New Name of 2021, just held their first one-man line.

Over on the Homicidol’s Discord server, Carrythezero reminded us to wish a happy second birthday to CUPIDOLIC.

It is hard to believe that kinopo. is only a year old. how did they get so good so fast?

PLANCK STARS is a dangerous unit to like because you know that at any moment they may do something truly and unforgivably offensive. Case in point, the transphobic lyrics in the Thai song off their new EP.

MAD MEDiCiNE release an MV with everything: dub step drops, a yuri kiss and even an electric violin solo.

Last time, we got to see Satanic Punish vs. Hanako-san. This week they take on Treble.

NightOwl dropped  a couple of PVs this week.

Oshiloss Corner

Yura Meki has withdrawn from FiDZ.

The manager of 8 Bit Idol (the unit Kan Nyan of PLANCK STARS was temporarily posted to) up and split, leaving the unit to fend for themselves.

Speaking of fake PLANCK STARS, the temporary member that was a literal lake left the group due to creative differences.


Oshifound Corner

In this weeks biggest reboot, RILISREVERSE added three new members including KASEN (formerly known as Malin of NECRONOMIDOL).

Meanwhile, a former member of RILISREVERSE (Moegi, now know as Ayu) debuted in metarium alongside Emma and Nitto, formerly of  Owaranaide, Yoru.

Over on the Homicidol’s Discord server, D4rkWzd brought to our attention that Bury have re-booted, but this time as a band.

The reality/game show ano (former You’ll Melt More) appeared in has just debuted on Netflix services around the globe.

CoCoCo (ex. Tsurezure) released a new EP with her band Gordon.

Have a good Weekend!!