Chris Graduates from Team Homicidols

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the graduation of Chris, aka Toxicbreakfast, from Team Homicidols, effective immediately. Cheki tickets for Chris will not longer be honored, and we’ve already spent the money so refunds are not available. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Since we didn’t have a white-sheet-of-death graduation announcement prepared, here’s the notice from Twinkle☆Stars regarding the departure of Yuria Shirota.

Chris has proven to be an invaluable and unique member of the Team since his debut in March of 2019. We have come to cherish his unique writing style, satirical wit and, especially, his technological prowess.  He is not only responsible for some of the most creative posts published on the blog, but also the development of several technical tools that we have come to rely on week-in and week-out. When the site got nuked by malware a few months back, Chris was instrumental in the efforts to get it back up and running in record time. He was also the architect and brainchild of our most ambitious collaborative project ever: Team Homicidols Review of 50 You’ll Melt More MVs in 50 days.

We will miss Chris’ ingenuity, humor, impeccable musical taste, and his invaluable technical assistance in keeping the wheels from falling off this circus wagon.  As we celebrate his graduation, let’s revisit some of the highlights of his time here:

The Definitive Homicidols Guide to Attending an Idol Live 

Tentenko’s Ten Top 10s

Thirty Ways to Celebrate Pour Lui’s 30th Birthday

Chris’ latest (and, it would seem, his last) contribution to Homicidols was this wonderful time-waster that allows you to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with your favorite idols (until they pull out a gun).

Idol Janken!!

So, thank you for everything Chris! Since we have abandonment issues, you’re now dead to us. But we also don’t entirely know how the website works, so remember we love you forever and please answer our DMs.

Thank you Chris!! Your departure has tanked our collective IQ.