BELLRING Girls Heart Resurrected!! (for a Limited Time)

Did anyone have “Bellring Girls Heart Reboot” on their 2022 chika idol bingo card? While we were aware that the storied idol unit was releasing all of their back catalog on major streaming services and holding a handful of live events in association with their 10th anniversary, I’m not sure anyone would have predicted this latest development.

First things first: as of midnight local time, all of Bellring Girls Heart’s major works are available on your streaming platform of choice. You may now mainline some nostalgia or, if you’ve come to alternative idol since this legendary unit’s 2016 breakup, discover some of the most formative and influential works of the genre.

Now on to the more shocking news: In association with the livestreaming release and Belher’s 10th anniversary, a handful of live events had been scheduled, each careful to note that there were no plans for original members to appear or perform.  Since there have been two successor units following Belher’s disbandment (THERE THERE THERES and NILKLY) there would be plenty of other options if the idea was to bring out idols to perform songs from the old catalog. I’m not sure anyone predicted that the unit itself would be revived with brand new members, but that is apparently what has occurred.

Resurrected in a limited-time reboot as BELLRING Girls Heart ’22 , the new members are  Noa Niikura,  Minami Miyu, Amane Tachibana and Yui Ogawara (but you may know them better as AqbiRec all-stars  Brazil, Mimimyu and Tamane of MIGMA SHELTER,  and Yui Ogasawara of NILKLY).

Amidst the unveiling of the latest era of Belher at O-Nest (the site of the unit’s last live in 2016), unit director Koji Tanaka announced that they will soon be recruiting new members and perform a handful of lives throughout the rest of the year. 

It may be just a limited time reboot, but we’ll take it!