Your Homicidols Weekender #284

It has been another tumultuous week in idol but amongst all of the headlines of members leaving and new units launching, we want to make sure that this piece of news didn’t slip by your radar: our favorite Hiroshima-based punks, PLANCK STARS have announced that Richan will have a solo single released if, and only if, they can garner 10,000 Twitter followers by the group’s tour final on June 12th.  

If they do not have 10,000 followers by that date, not only will their solo song not be released, but they will have to shave their head. If you haven’t already, please follow Richan!!

Other stuff happened this week too, like:

I thought BiSH had already dropped this month’s #BiSHiSOVER single, but then they released this one a week later which I guess is the theme song to their new movie which is gonna be released in June or something. I have no idea.

MANACLE released a PV of their band set collaboration with Yu Mamada.

New DEATHNYANN (solo project of Minami of  WAGAMAMARAKIA).

Tokyo Psychopath gave us a tease of their next MV and single, the full versions of which are being released TODAY!

The new single from MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN is a banger.  That, at least, was my opinion. Others in the Homicidols Discord Server disagreed but that is okay because no opinions about music are wrong (especially mine).

Himeno of twinpale dropped a solo song.

XTEEN channel some rockabilly.


Owaranaide, Yoru dropped their first single since the reboot last week and shame on us for missing that.

We also missed the new single released last week by the always excellent Lion net Girl. We’re really bad at our job.

HEARTBEATS is really something special.

HINAGIKU. don’t need no education.

The sisters of femme fatale have a more playful take on things.

Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. has released their latest re-recording of classic tracks with their latest line-up. Since it is the third time they have done this, the album is appropriately tiled, Q.E.D.tri.

Broken By the Scream announced that they will be releasing their next full album on July 20th.

Pupa!! also have a new album coming out in June and it sounds like it’s gonna be awesome.

EMPATHY is one 2022’s new units that we’re real excited about. Here’s a PV from their first one-man live.

Benjamin Jasmine changed their named to Benjas! and have started head banging.

Here’s one of the last MVs of this generation of lyrical school.

Oshiloss Corner

Towa Amou has withdrawn from NECRONOMIDOL due to health reasons.

the mishmash held their final live. Skank and weep.

Chick-flick, one of the most promising of this year’s new units, has lost member Ayase Murasaki.

There are only so many LiLii Koana lives left. This is very sad.

Have a Good Weekend!!