Return of the Queen

Codomomental are a talent powerhouse, you could call any handful of members their “golden child” and you’d get no disagreements even from people with differing tastes. One of those members is Nonamera who, after a short hiatus from the company, is back to reclaim her throne.

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting miss Nonamera before, she’s an idol superstar! She’s taken on many names and many genres, from Hoshi Nayuta while in avandoned to Nonamera in Kaqriyo Terror Architect to Aku-chan while in Frun Frin Friends and now, back to Nonamera for her Codomomental soloist works. If you have been a longtime fan you’ll know that each of those projects carries a very, very different sound but what Nonamera herself brings is just that: herself. Her sickly-cute charm, killer dancing skills and unique vocals have contributed heavily to each of her creative endeavours and now, the spotlight is all hers.

NO NAME” as a song is a far cry from previous projects, in fact you could call it almost hyperpop-like. The shrill, techno-esque synths with mechanical grinding noises and a kind of dark twist; it’s a chaotic blend that’s all over the place but still in a gorgeous harmony. Nonamera’s vocals are the black cherry on top, flawlessly combining her energy with the BPM. Though believe it or not, while being so different, this is still produced by Codomomental’s own Nobuhide Inamura. Kaqriyo as a group originally started out as a kind of collab between the two and while that yielded an electromagnetic mix of high energy sensuality and almost crassness, this is no doubt a lot more mellow. Still sensual, still cheeky and still Nonamera, albeit a new side of her artistry.

“Siren and Dopamine”

If you’re hungry for more you’ll have to be patient, but currently she has four songs that we know of: “NO NAME,” “Nymphaea,” “Dye in Lily” and “Nakushi Mono.” All performed at a semi recent live for Inamura’s birthday. But until their eventual release, we’ll just have to keep streaming “NO NAME” for the time being! Each listen yields a new favourite part of the production so, once you’ve listened, listen again. You won’t get bored, that’s for sure.