Your Homicidols Weekender #282

So much good stuff came out this week that we couldn’t contain it all in one place.  We peeled off new releases by The Candace, Dare Mo Shiranai and others into our latest volume of units that are New and/or New To Us so be sure to check that out. We tried to fit the rest of it here. Team is crazy busy with work and school and getting our taxes done, but still carving out time for idol. The crew over at the Homicidols Discord server helps too, because it takes a village to keep up with all this stuff. A dysfunctional village to be sure, but it’s a place to call home. 

Here’s what we have collectively assimilated this week:

You’ll Melt More! has the best side units. Or, technically in this case, a rock unit that is a side unit of training unit, Pupil More! In any case, meet momeri, a rock duo formed by Mo! trainees Momi and Numeri.

CROSSNOESIS dropped this impressive MV to support their equally impressive new album, circle. Coincidentally, we learned how to do those fogged camera lens shots in cinematography class this week.

Speaking of cinematography, I’m pretty sure ASP saved a ton of cash on their MV by not hiring a Director of Photography at all.

RAY has a new album coming out next month, but you can listen to the whole thing right now on YouTube.

Meet new friend of Homicidols, Kyunchi, and their new tune produced by Codomomental’s syva.

While we’re on the topic of Codomomental, I can hear a little Tsurezure in the latest TOKYO Tefutefu and that’s a good thing.

By the time you read this, Himari Tsukishiro (NECRONOMIDOL) will have debuted her solo project, Isiliel. Her upcoming first single is by NARASAKI whose other songwriting credits include BABYMETAL, Buck Tick, Dir En Grey and Momorio Clover Z.

I love SIPP. Here’s the MV for their new single.

nanoCUNE  is rebooting with Shiori and Mina (FRUITPOCHETTE ), Narumi ( Hime Kyun Fruit Can ) and original member Ayu

Malcom Mask McLaren must have a drummer who can count to π as they break out a math-punk jam.

I’m always thrilled to learn CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL is still around.

From a true indie to a unit born with a major label contract in hand, here’s EMPiRE.

ATARASHII GAKKO! has transcended major music labels and landed their latest MV on a reasonably popular sportswear channel. The new single has them collaborating again with yonkey from Klang Ruler.

RILISREVERSE have a new single out called “Ne. Regret”.

Here’s a slick proshot of an entire NEO JAPONISM live.

In a less professional shoot, Planck Stars intended to release this PV as a DVD but it was taking too long so they just threw it up on YouTube instead.

GoodDay have dubbed their new EP with an almost perfect name: Gdism.

Oshiloss Corner

lyrical school has announced the graduation of every member except one (hime, hinako, risano, and yuu) effective late July. They then plan a subsequent re-boot with new members joining minan.

Maneki Kecak gave us 12-months notice that Miyu , Rin and Reona are graduating.

Shiki Rukawa (former NECRONOMIDOL) has released their first single as a soloist.


Have a Good Weekend!!