Your Homicidols Weekender #281

It’s been another tumultuous week in idol full of joy (BELLRING Girls Heart) and heartbreak (LiLii Kaona).  Luckily, Homicidols dot com is here to help navigate these turbulent waters with assistance and insight from our crack team of idol researchers and therapists.

For example, who is your favorite member of BiSH? You are (probably) wrong! Our research has determined that 8 out of 10 idol wota have an incorrect BiSH oshi.

Fortunately for you, we have designed a painless tool to remedy this circumstance. Just click this button to scientifically determine your true BiSH oshi: 

Hope you got the one you wanted but you’re stuck with her regardless.

Now that’s sorted, celebrate your new oshi with this lovely new tune from KAISHIN NO ICHIGEKI .

It is very odd to see a “debut single” from someone we’ve know as long as ano .

It has taken a while for them to rebuild after losing all but one member last year, but we finally got some new SIPP .

I do enjoy QUEENS .

Homicidols Exclusive! Our very own Kerrie got Sugar Sugar Lala to confirm that she will be a part of the next generation of O’CHAWANZ.

Meet Melancholic Cinderella Story :

After that, here’s a nice new one from CYNHN to calm your brain. The animation was all done by member Shiki Ayase .

We highly recommend the new Meme Tokyo.

Ever wanted to manage an idol unit? NECRONOMIDOL is hiring.

Live SHINGEKI. It’s good stuff.

Thai shoegaze unit SHIMMER SHRIMPER has a new member and will be updating their media to include English translations.

On the treat Super Season has a new one and it’s a lot.

innes debut album BAD+ is available for streaming!

Here’s footage of a video blogger experiencing their fist chika idol live, featuring KOSAME, APRHODITE and more.

Oshiloss Corner

In one of the most painful announcement of the year (so far), the immaculate  LiLii Kaona have announced that they will be disbanding in July.

One week after the dissolution of KANRIA , Kanata’s other unit, Chu Kiss RIP has also called it quits.

Mizuho has announced that she’ll be stepping down from SAKA-SAMA (of which she was technically a temp member) and leaving TRASH-UP!! Records as well. (Which also ends Atomic Ministry) As a result, SAKA-SAMA is accepting applications, sooo if you’re living in Tokyo…

First Summer Uika (ex. OG BiS) has a delightful new single out.


Have a Good Weekend!!

5 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #281

  1. Great stuff, especially love the KAISHIN NO ICHIGEKI and Melancholic Cinderella Story videos!

  2. Hey, Homicidol Maniac and team
    Commenting here because I didn’t know where to send this message but here, on your latest post but.

    I wanna say that I kinda love your blog here.
    I can’t believe I only found your website just now.
    I had this chika idol phase when I was still in college back in 2017-2018 (though I mostly only followed Happy Kuru Kuru and was devastated when my oshi abruptly left, and again when the remaining 2 members also abruptly left, as if in protest. Both happening in 2018 lol. Actually, I think I wanna ask help from you with translating something about that whole mess lol but that’s beyond the scope of this comment. Next time maybe.)

    But I only found your website when I was searching about Maison Book Girl when I listened to one of their songs only 20-30 minutes ago.
    I love that article you made about them!

    I’m trying to get myself into idols again recently too. So I wanna ask if you know any idol groups that have a similar sound to Happy Kuru Kuru or CY8ER? (Basically Yunomi songs lmao)


    • Welcome to the site! Glad you found us.

      For units with a similar sounds to CY8ER, the logical answer is HO6LA which is being produced by former CY8ER member/founder/producer Ichigo Rinahamu. She is also releasing work as a soloist as well:

      Not idol, but within that same musical genre, I would highly recommend 4s4ki:

      Also, if you are an MBG fan, make sure you are dialed into Ilie. It’s the latest project from MBGs producer featuring Kaneko Rie:

      • Thanks for this!
        I already know about HO6LA and Rinahamu’s solo career since I still check Rinahamu’s Twitter from time to time.

        And I think Rinahamu collabbed with 4s4ki before so I’ve listened to at least 1 of their songs. I’ll go check them out! Thank you.

        As for Maison book girl, I’m still slowly digesting their discography since I just found them today but thanks for linking me to Ilie! That’ll save me some time from looking for the members’ post-MBG projects.

        By the way, do you know where I could listen to the MBG CD Side B spoken poetry by their leader? As much as possible, I’d like to avoid piracy if it’s easily accessible.

  3. I’m not aware of anywhere that it is available to stream. To try to snag a physical copy, Yahoo Auctions is your best bet.

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