Nonamera Joins the New KAQRIYOTERROR

KAQRIYOTERROR  has announced a new four-member lineup that includes an unfamiliar face along with someone you just may recognize.

Yes, that’s Nonamera , a founding member of the then-so-named Kaqriyo Terror Architect who previously withdrew from the group in January of 2019. We also know Nonamera as a burgeoning soloist, member of the currently suspended FRUN FRIN FRIENDS  and “our Queen“.  

In addition to KAQRIYOTERROR’s reunion with one of their OGs, an entirely new face has also joined the group. Meet (pronounced “Arlya” thanks to the cyrillic Я). All we know about her is contained in this introductory tweet:

It’s a whirlwind business, this idol. It was just Saturday that we learned that  Yamakomaro would be departing KAQRIYOTERROR immediately following Sunday’s Immense TOUR final. This was, of course, her second departure from the group after first withdrawing in 2019 and rejoining just over a year ago.

The new line-up was then announced approximately 48 hours later. 

Absent in all of this is any further word on the status of member Sumomo who went on hiatus last month.  Although her name was not included in the line-up dropped yesterday, she is still listed in the group profile on Twitter so, until further notice, we can assume that her standing in the group is unchanged.

The revamped KAQRIYOTERROR line-up will hold their first live (maybe) this coming May 14th at the Musashino Music Festival.

So there you have it! If you’re new to the group and want to understand why Nonamera coming back is more than just an old member returning, feel free to get into this rare archived live footage. She really is that good.


3 thoughts on “Nonamera Joins the New KAQRIYOTERROR

  1. I love them so much. They are so cool and every release is really interesting. Cultural Mixing is a classic and one of my favourites. The torture continues though as they are playing on my Birthday (14th May). Slight problem is that they are in Japan and I am in the UK 🙂 Somebody kill me and put me out of my misery 🙂 Still clinging to the hope that restrictions will lift in time for Zenbukiminoseida at The Budokan next March.

  2. Oh hell ya! Nonamera is back! I’m thrilled Noa and Komari are sticking around. I think they are great. I really hope Sumomo gets to stick around. Those four plus Yamakomaro would be my dream lineup for the group. Not knocking the new girl but obviously we don’t know anything about her yet.

    The future of KAQRIYOTERROR looks bright.

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